Anytime I post anything about my pom baby, I get a lot of questions about her so I thought I'd just make a little tab of her own! Bebe is a 5.5 lb black pomeranian and she is 13 years old. I've had her since she was five and I found her through Craigslist while I was living in Orange County. I have my suspicions about her previous home life and I truly believe that she came from an abusive owner due to her sometimes aggressive behavior towards people and other dogs, her fear of being close to electronics and her fear of loud noises and sudden movements. Luckily, her time with me has tamed her quite a bit and she is definitely less aggressive than she used to be.

As you can see, her favorite hobby is sleeping and you'd be surprised by the snoring noises that can come out of this little thing. She answers to everything I call her--including Boo Boo, La Beebs, Baby-- but seems to respond to Beebs the best. Finding Beebs is one of the best thing that ever happened to me and she is the best companion/cuddle bear a girl can ask for!

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