January 13, 2016

Product Review: Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser

My cousin recently came back from Korea, the motherland of beauty and skin care products, and brought back some goodies for me to try! One of the things she brought back for me is this much talked about Clean It Zero Cleansing Sherbet by Banila Co. I was immediately intrigued by the name and gave it a try right away! 

So what's a "sherbet cleanser"? I'm going to be honest, I was a little unsure in the beginning as well. The sherbet cleanser looks and feels a lot like a cleansing balm (think Clinique's much hyped about and constantly sold out version), but with the effectiveness of a cleansing oil.

It has a light fruity scent, but the ingredients (see below) show that no additional fragrance was added.

As a heavy eyeliner kinda gal, I've always opted for cleansing oils because of their amazing ability to dissolve even my extremely water proof eyeliner (Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner). I was skeptical if this Banila Co. Clean It Zero would do the same for me, but it did! A few gentle touches with the cleansing balm and it removed 100% of my heavy duty eye makeup just with ease.

My skin was left feeling clean, hydrated and supple. Not a bad way to end the night!

The box also came with a little card detailing the instructions in different languages (including English) along with illustrations.

Since this balm is travel friendly, it does not need to go into your little quart size baggie of liquids- leaving precious space for other items. The plastic body (frosted to look like glass) of the jar will hardly add weight to your toiletry bag too!

As an added bonus, the packaging comes with a little scooping spoon that fits right over the plastic top piece. No more digging my fingers into the jar and getting the product stuck under my nails!! Why every jarred skin care product doesn't come with a spoon that fits in the lid baffles me-- yea, I'm talking to both of you Chanel and Clinique!

Overall, I found that the Banila Co. Clean It Zero has quickly became a staple in my skincare regime. It's cost efficient (only about $15 on Amazon) and a one step cleansing solution even for made up girls like me!

In case you're interested, here's the ingredient list:

Mineral Oil, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, PEG-10 Isostearate, Polyethylene, Butylene Glycol, Water, Rubus Suavissimus (Raspberry) Leaf Extract, Aspalathus Linearis Lead Extract, Viscum Album (Mistletoe) Leaf Extract, Angelica Polymorpha Sinesnsis Root Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract, Acerora Extract, Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, BHT, Butylparaben, Acid Red 18, CI 15985, Spicei