April 27, 2015

Confessions of a Bottle Blonde

Everyone knows that blondes have more fun, but what they don't tell you about is the amount of maintenance required to keep up with those golden locks. A few months ago, I decided to trade in my pink hair for a blonde ombré and I quickly learned the two cardinal rules of being a bottled blonde:

1. Thou shall not let your blonde hair turn brassy.
2. Thou shall go to great lengths to keep your deep fried hair hydrated.

Easy enough right? Absolutely not! I'm not saying that I have it all under control, but I've picked up a few tricks (and products) that I'd love to share.

Here's a photo of my lovely goldie locks to start things off!

#1 Thou Shall Not Let Your Blonde Hair Turn Brassy

How the heck do you do that? Let me just say, I had a complete freak out after my hair started turn orange a couple weeks into my new do. After some research, I picked up some purple shampoo to aid my brassy hair. From the ones that I've tried, Phyto's Phytargent Shampoo is my favorite. The purple was the most pigmented (see photo below) and my hair seriously brightened and lightened after one wash. The cost is a little steep, but since I only need to use it on part of my hair, I mix it into my regular shampoo for daily use to help justify the cost.

2. Thou shall go to great lengths to keep your deep fried hair hydrated

Unfortunately for me, cardinal rule #2 is much harder than #1. I've struggled my whole life to keep my lion's mane looking healthy. Since I have naturally wavy hair, it tends to look more fried than it is and the blonde is not forgiving at all. Fortunately, I've come across a few products that I'm absolutely loving right now!

The Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde line is simply amazing. It's super hydrating and also helps brighten my blond hair, although I wouldn't use it without the purple shampoo. I use Forever Blonde Shampoo, Forever Blonde Conditioner and Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair.

On top of using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, I've also started to use hair masks. The Hello Hair Hydrating Mask from Hello Hair is my favorite. Aside from the cute packaging, the product smells simply divine and it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth.  I got the 100g size and I've been able to use it 4 times on my super thick shoulder length hair. 

That's pretty much it for my tips on being a blonde! What are some of your hair secrets for keeping your locks on point?