February 01, 2015

Tiff's Picks: S'well Bottles

Happy last day of January!

I was on a hunt for a new water bottle last month and I stumbled on the water bottle that changed my life. I never knew I could love a water bottle so much until I found the S'well bottle.

Not only is it as sexy as a bottle could get, but it's ridiculously good as well. Drinks stay cool for up to 24 hours and hot for 12. In fact, I took my bottle filled with ice cubes to a Bikram yoga class and the ice cubes were still clinking after a whole 90 minutes!

The bottles come in an array of colors, finish and three different sizes-- 9oz, 17oz and 25oz. Also, you could customize however you'd like with their chalk pens! The chalk washes right off with warm water.

My first pick was the 17oz Pink Champagne from their Glitter Collection, but I quickly decided that I needed a 2nd smaller one that could fit in my purse. So within days, I picked up a 9oz Amethyst from the Stone Collection.

The price tag is a little hefty on these bottles, but they're oh so chic! I also love that the S'well bottle is started by a kick-ass woman.

If the color/finish/size of the one you want is in stock, I highly recommend snatching it up ASAP! They tend to go out of stock really quickly.You buy them at Nordies, Urban Outfitters or on their website.

Do you have a favorite go-to reusable bottle?

1 comment :

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