February 25, 2015

Latest Haul: Lululemon

I've recently discovered the wonders of SoulCycle (see my reviews for the SF locations here and here), which definitely refueled my love for Lululemon. Everyone wears Lulu there, so it's hard not to want to swing by after class! It's such an outrageous relationship, but there's just something about their gym swag that keeps me forking out the big bucks.

Here are a few things I picked up within the last few weeks. Most things are still available and some are even on sale!

1. Wunder Under Crop II *Full-On Luon (Roll Down) in Moody Mirage

I fell for these crops the minute I spotted them on LululemonAddicts. In fact, I called multiple stores to try to locate them. The material is great and I didn't have any issues with them being see through or sliding down my hips.

In hind sight, I really wish that I had held off and waited until these came out instead. The print is similar enough that I simply can't justify the cost.

2. If You're Lucky Bra in Moody Mirage White Deep Navy/Heathered Slate/Naval Blue

As you can tell, I just love this Moody Mirage print! I actually bought this bra with Coachella in mind. I knew I needed some bra tops with enough support for my gals and that isn't string tied. I don't want to risk someone pulling off my top. 

This bra top offers just enough coverage in a cute shape and style. I don't typically like Lulu sports bras, but this one actually offers enough support!

3. Seamlessly Plunge Bra - This bra isn't in stock on the US page, so I linked from the HK site. This color is currently on sale in store for only $34! Snatch it up before it sells out.

I love the back detail of this bra and the front is extremely flattering. Unfortunately, this doesn't offer enough coverage for heavy work outs, but it's a cute little crop top that could work for yoga, spin or even going out. 

4. The Oneness Tank in Black

This is another one that's currently on sale! I got it for $39 and I'm absolutely lovin' it. I know it looks  a little odd in the stock photos, but I highly recommend giving it a try in store. It's super cute for yoga, spinning or even a hike.

Do I need to say more about this lovely top? The back mesh is beautifully draped and the front has two mesh panels to keep it interesting. The material is also buttery soft and made of their swim fabric which is sweat-wicking. I could definitely wear this as a cover up to and from the gym and also as a normal top. 

There you have it, my extremely guilty haul from Lululemon. 

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