August 12, 2014

OTR: Bey + Jay

When I heard that Queen Bey and Jay Z will be coming to SF, I knew I had to go see them. I saw Beyonce earlier this year and she was amazing. She put on such a great show and she looked and sounded #flawless.

Even though Beyonce was perfection, I couldn't help but feel that they lacked chemistry during the show. It was almost as if I was watching two concerts. I really hope that this is no indication to the divorce/cheating rumors. :(

Either way, the show was so awesome that I almost went back for a second night!

*I apologize for not taking too many pictures, I was honestly so caught up with the concert that I didn't think to capture more photos.

Here's my FOTD for the concert. I took this opportunity to wear a dark plum lipstick, something that I very rarely will do. In case you're wondering, this color is called Cyber from MAC.

Unfortunately, San Francisco was the last stop for North America for the On the Run tour. However, if you're in Europe, Queen Bey and her mister will be heading there in September!


Sophie Sierra said...

I love the pretty plum lipstick, it's beautiful on you!

Sophie | soinspo xo

Chidiogo Maxwell said...

Absolutely stunning! that lipstick.