July 28, 2014

Wallet Hunting

I know there are some of us out there who doesn't believe in spending on a luxury brand when it comes to wallets, but I'm actually quite the opposite. I feel that a good wallet is the key to keeping an organized purse.

I've been using my little Tory Burch Robinson Coin Case for the past couple of years, but since I'm gearing up for some traveling in the next couple months, I think it's time to switch things up to a long wallet. I've always preferred envelope style wallets over zippy ones because they tend to be a bit on the slimmer end. Lucky for me, envelope style seems to be in right now, and there are quite a few good ones to choose from.

Here are my top picks for envelope wallets. I'll update with a review once I find my perfect one!

What's your go to travel wallet?

Wallet Hunting

Canvas wallet

Burberry wallet

Prada wallet

Rebecca Minkoff snap bag

Coach red wallet


Oksana said...

amazing wallets, love it<3
Thanks for checking out my blog, dear:)
I am your follower on GFC(205)

Keyti Villanueva said...

great choices for wallets.
the styles are exquisite.
love 'em.


i am now following your blog
through GFC & Bloglovin'.

Ms. Kei

Shopping Obsession said...

Love your picks! I truly believe in a good quality wallet. I'd rather spend more on a decent on which last me for years. Like the Louis Vuitton one :)

Carolyn said...

I love the color of the Prada!
Carolyn | BLOG

sarah saad said...

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