July 23, 2014

Dirty Bass: Frends Headphones & Earbuds Review

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One of my many guilty pleasures in life is turning up my music, specifically the bass, and just jamming out. In fact, I've suffered many embarrassing encounters with making eye contact with neighboring cars while rocking out in my own.

I've been on a hunt for some headphones for quite some time now, but I couldn't get myself to buy a pair of giant retro looking headphones. (No offense to everyone out there who has them) I wanted something that could give me comfort, quality sound and still look fashionable.

Here are my reviews on Frend's over-the-ear headphones and earbuds!

Frends: Taylor

It was love at first sight with these gorgeous rose gold Taylor headphones by Frends. It's such a show stopper! I wear these religiously in the office and I still get compliments daily.

These headphones are not only gorgeous, but they can hold their own with the sound quality as well. On top of that, it folds up neatly into a little protective pouch. 

I was initially reluctant to take these babies to the gym because I was intimidated by the white leather. Since then, I've learned that I could prevent staining by wiping them down after each use. 

+ Gorgeous
+ Gorgeous
+ Gorgeous
+ Quality sound and noise cancelling
+ Comfortable 
+ Compact and super portable

- Steep pricing ($199.99)
- Tight headband, but this was fixed after a few wear
- WHITE leather on the headband and the over-the-ear padding

Personally, I think they're totally worth it. It helps keep me laser focused at work and in the gym. Just make sure you remember to wipe them down if you wear them to the gym! 

They're no longer selling these rose gold ones at Nordies, but this pretty patterned one is on sale right now!

Frends: Ella

Coincidentally, a couple of weeks after I bought my new over-the-ear headphones, Mr. Dubs' rotten kitten decides to chew up my earbuds! While running short distance isn't so bad with the Taylors, I can't imagine going more than 5 miles with them. Lucky for me, I found the Ella in-ear earbuds on sale at HauteLook. 

True to Frends' style, these earbuds are a beauty with a delicate rose gold cage design. It comes with two different styles of interchangeable tips-- regular or ambient.  The ambient tip is designed to leave a little room for you to hear what's going on around you. On paper, the ambient tip would be ideal for the office. However, I found that my music would leak out. I'm not sure that I want my co-workers to listen in while I jam to some A$AP Rocky. 

+ Gorgeous cage design
+ Lightweight
+ Great sound
+ Fits in a little pouch
+ Tangle free cords

- Not the most comfortable
- Ambiant tips will leak sound
- Pricey ($99 full price, $49 through HauteLook)

It seems like Frends may have discontinued the interchangeable tips for the Ella, but they still make them in this style here.

What are some of your favorite earbuds or headphones?


Rin Handika said...

nice review dear and its so pricey, but i love it, its sound good! <3

Anne said...

Those headphones are gorgous!

Xx Anne

Helen G said...

they're so nice! love the metallic detail

from helen at thelovevcatsinc.com

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Oksana said...

amazing review<3
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Carolyn said...

Truly gorgeous!!
Carolyn | BLOG

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