July 23, 2013

Story of a Purse #NSale

In the spirit of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I'd like to share not only my picks but the story of how I fought for my Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip purse.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, throw a purse in the mix and boy you know you're in trouble. 

The story goes like this, I ordered this lovely purse, in-store, during the pre-sale.

I was told to expect my purse to be delivered within the next 3-6 business days. Patiently, I waited. After two days without any shipping confirmation, I decided to hit up Nordies via live chat for the status. I was then told that my order was "stuck in the system" and would likely be canceled due to low inventory. What?! You mean to tell me that I won't be getting my hands on the purse I've been mentally pairing with every single outfit? Unacceptable! I was promised a purse and a purse I will get! So I did what every smart consumer would do. I went on Twitter and Facebook and expressed my disappointment. Within 5 hours, I received a call from the SF Center manager to let me know that she found me a purse. I must give credit where credit's due-- the Nordie's social team was on it! They responded within minutes and turned the whole situation from bad to fabulous. 

Moral of the story? Social media is a consumer's best friend and Nordies really care about their customers!

In other news, here are the other things I picked up during the sale. The Anniversary sale is the one sale I look forward to every year, surely I get a pass for going a little overboard!


Pooja Mittal said...

Nice post... Next time something like that happens, im going to try social media for help
May be we can follow each other!!!!
Keep in touch

DSK Steph said...

I always get so mad when they cancel my order! I often shop Nordstrom online.

Carolyn said...

Good for you! I'm glad you gave attention to that problem and they resolved their problem. Why they gotta be like that, yo!! Beautiful purse , btw!

<3 Carolyn

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