July 29, 2013

Feast Your Eyes: Leopald's

It's the return of FYE! As I always say, please don't worry about me starving myself-- that will never happen. It's just that I've been really trying to eat clean and whenever I find a chance to eat out, I tend to devour it before I get a chance to snap a pic. Yikes!

Fear not, I've been a much better blogger lately and have been frivolously snapping away great pics for you guys. 

A few weeks ago, the gang and I dined at Leopald's, a charming little German spot. We had an abundance of weiners, beer and sauerkraut. See for yourself!

2400 Polk St, 
San Francisco, CA 94109

 Isn't the little piggy wooden block totally adorbs?!

Yums! And what's a German meal without some good 'ol Das Boot?

Happy Monday!


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