January 02, 2013

J. Crew Sale

Helloo and happy 2013! I'll be doing a New Years post later on but for now, I just wanted to check in and let you guys in on J. Crew's additional 30% off final sale items! Such a great deal and there are some fab items on sale too.

Since I've been spending a little too much money this holiday season, I really had to budget and decided to check out with just one shirt in my basket.

Boy Shirt in Colorblock Oxford

I've been eying this shirt for a while now and it went on sale from $79 to $59 but I still felt that it was a little too expensive. Luckily I didn't jump the gun because right now it's on sale for $29.99 with an additional 30% off. Score!!

Don't forget to use your ebates for 3% cash back! It may not seem like a lot but when you're always using ebates for cash back on all your online purchases, it will add up!

Hurry over to J. Crew and shop the sale!


blackberryfashion said...

Happy New Year!! :)

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Rubiiee said...

Dangit, you've got me looking to buy things.

<3 Rubiiee

Anonymous said...

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Michelle said...

Happy New Year!!

*now your newest follower via greader. :)

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