January 29, 2013

Eat My Pixie Dust

As you guys already know, two weeks ago, I secured another 1/2 marathon under my belt. What better place to terrorize yourself with 13.1 miles than the happiest place on earth? Aka Disneyland. It was by far the grandest of all races I've ever been a part of. They even had fireworks during the national anthem.

Here's a quick ootd for the race. I guess I didn't quite get he Tinkerbell green memo and decked myself out in pink instead!

And here's a peek at my NOTD for the festivities!

It was so nice to run inside Disneyland. They even had characters around for us to take photos with!

I took one with my homie, Cindy (Cinderella). She asked me if Mr. Dubs was my prince. :) and doesn't she look like Taylor Swift?!

Here we are we our medals. We came, we ran and we conquered!

All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust.

I'm starting to look a lot like a runner but nothing can take the cheerleader out of me.

Rah rah rah!!

In case you needed some running motivation... you're welcome!

Happy Thursday!

1 comment :

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