November 02, 2012

NOTD x 3

I've been slacking so much with my blogging lately. But I have some good stuff coming... I promise!

Here's three NOTD I rocked recently.

This one is by far my favorite NOTD ever-- pink&gold leopard print and heart. Nothing screens me more than this.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!


LiLy said...

gosh those are super cute!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Very cute nail art. You are so good at this.
Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle

Sharina said...

Love the gorgeous nails!! :)

new follower here!

The Misty Mom

Sandra said...

How cute is the first one?!

Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

αвву M. said...

Loved them :D

♥ tiffany said...

thank you ladies =D

MaysaAndSunshine said...

Cute nails, the last ones are just perfect and very creative.

♦Van♦ said...

Cute nails! Love your blog also! We can definitely follow each other! :)

NiiinaaaxD said...

Wow, they are so cute!

I really like the black ones :) <3