October 11, 2012

We Run LA

A trip from NorCal to SoCal is only a one hour flight away but somehow it feels like you're in a whole new place. I guess it's because here in SF, we don't have the sunny California weather.

Here we are, three stooges off to SoCal!

The first night we got there, we indulged in a liquid diet... NOT. Of those bottles, only the water and a bottle of wine was ours! We did however, have a suicide scare from Denise's sisters cat, which cleared us of any buzz we got from the wine.

While in Santa Monica, I found this Tory Burch Robinson coin purse in hot pink that I have been searching high and low for! They have an abundance of them in the store but they were all hidden in a drawer. I'm so glad I asked because I had no luck finding it anywhere else!

I love how there two credit card slots and two inner pockets. This little wallet is perfect for clutches and smaller purses!

While in LA, we also visited Lemonade in Venice we loved it so much. If only we had one in NorCal. Lemonade owners, hear our prayers!

We were feeling beachy after our meal and headed down to Venice Beach. We enjoyed the sand for a few hours and then walked the boardwalk where we participated in a commercial!

Man. I thought we had weirdos in SF....

We ended our night in K-Town but I didn't really get too many pictures but trust that Palm Tree LA is a must visit.

What I did capture though... are the gorgeous lamp posts at the LACMA. I've been wanting to visit this spot for so long and am glad to finally get a chance to get there!

As little monkeys that we are, we decided to strike a yoga pose. Vogue!

It was a much needed getaway. We wined, dined, shopped and enjoyed the weather. I couldn't have asked for a better trip or better company!


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

What a fun trip. NorCal and SoCal sure are different.
Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

Julie said...

I’ve just come back from my holiday in SoCal! I love it there and it was so nice to read this post, I wish I knew about Lemonade when I went, it sounds good!

Van said...

Cute pictures. I love your blog!

LiLy said...

Beautiful photos... I duno why but I like photos you always update on your blog here.... its awesome to drop by every time! ;)

Anonymous said...

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