October 25, 2012

I Love the City

I don't know how many times I've professed my love for the city. Please don't be mistaken, by the city, I'm referring only to the city of San Francisco.

I know I complain about the cold weather and the fog but that alone is not enough to persuade me otherwise. Sure, we're not as fashionable or sunny as LA and people are far less sophisticated and buzzling than NYC but look, SF is the charming hippy step sibling that people tend to underestimate as a serious contender as one of the greatest city in the US-- if not the world.

Don't believe me? Here's just a few reasons from my recent outings.

1. Fleet Week

Every year morale runs high as men and women in US Navy uniform invades our gorgeous city for a week. The festivities all lead up to a fantastic air show put on by the Blue Angels.

I usually steer clear of these crowd packed events but this year, Mr. Dubs and I went to check it out. I have to admit, it was pretty badass!

2. Second reason to love SF? It's just a gorgeous city all around. I wish I had better photos but unfortunately, this is all I have. Even with my crappy photos, you cannot deny how beautiful the city is.

3. The San Francisco Giants

'Nuff said. We're in the World Series, again, after winning in 2010. The entire city is buzzling orange and on game days-- it almost feels like everyone stops what they're doing to watch the game.

Even kitty-chan is sporting orange.

Miss Beebs (our orange mascot)

Camwhoring with my t-shirt from the Giants run.

Let's paint this town orange!


Vanessa Mae said...

awesome photos :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog
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