September 11, 2012

Tea & Crumpets

I've never been one to blend well during transitional stages of seasons-- I get massive allergy attacks. Although I love the hint of fall in September, I usually spend the month holding onto balled up Kleenex (gross I know) and with nose as red as Rudolph's. (a-choooo)

I'm so sad to bid farewell to summer but giving an ever so warm welcome to boots, scarves and coats. Not so soon though, San Francisco will have one glorious week of weather up to the high 70's or even low 80's and then the rain will roll in.

To celebrate the changing season, the lovely Kathleen and I enjoyed a tea session at a local tea house. (fine, it has less to do with the changing season and more to do
with her birthday in August) Tea time always makes me feel so happy and carefree!

"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." ~ Henry Fielding

Lol. Sums up our tea time quite well.

To continue with my tea frenzy, I found these whole wheat crumpets at my local Trader Joe's. While it's not as good as the buttery crumpets I've had at tea houses, I must say that this serve as a pretty filling healthy breakfast option. Here I am using smucker's grape jelly but usually I pair it with a bit of peanut butter and bananas.

I also found these Sperry's at Nordstrom Rack! I've been trying to find a purrfect pair for some time now but they either make my feet look weird or they put an additional 30 years on me. I love the touch of leopard and patent leather on these. It's a shame that summer is coming to an end and I probably won't get to use them as much as I'd like to.

And just to let you guys know, I found time blogging because I'm on the train heading home from work because I'm so sick. I need some tea.

Le sigh. Someone wake me up when September ends..


Rubiiee said...

Ah, I cannot give up tea time for any season. Love these pictures ;D

<3 Rubiiee

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