September 26, 2012

Running Diaries

As you guys already know, I started my running career this year with a half marathon in April. Just to give you an idea of how obsessive I've become, here's what my running record will be by the time we hit April again.

April 2012- Half Marathon
September 2012- 10K
January 2013- Half Marathon
March 2013- Full Marathon (yes! I've registered for my first full marathon!)

That's 58.5 miles in organized runs alone-- not counting my training of course. That's probably about 53 more miles than last year and possibly more miles than I've ever ran collectively in my entire life. I'm not kidding, I was definitely more of a dancer than a runner.

Training for run sucks but the adrenaline and the goodies on race day makes it worth it. Not to mention that it's a good push to get in shape!

Here's my bib, bobble head and t-shirt for the Giants 10K.

Mr. Dubs and I wanted to make sure we had the perfect pre-race day meal, so we headed to Joe's Crab Shack and devoured this....

And this...

Ok so maybe the truth is that it probably wasn't the best meal for before the race but it was delicious and worth the chance of an upset stomach for 6.1 miles!

I also went to my local apple store and picked up this cutie! I was hoping that these older models of iPod nanos would go on sale since they came out with new ones but I was so wrong. Apparently all the runners in the world had the same idea since the new iPods don't sport a clip because they were all sold out except for the pink. Lucky for me, that is obviously the only color I have eyes for.

After the race, Mr. Dubs rewarded me with the Lululemon vinyasa scarf in this gorgeous purple. I literally walked in still with my bib and running clothes. I've been wearing the hell out of this scarf but still haven't been adventurous enough to try it in different ways yet.

I saw this on someone's IG (@tiffabulously) and thought it was post worthy and very true.

It's crazy how running became such a big part of my life. I find myself craving for a run every now and then. I have a really hard time finding good music to run to so I'd like to sign off with my top 5 running songs as well as my mile 13/26 power song.

Most of it is pretty self explanatory as far as why it may be on my playlist but I always include something that is a little slower like Drops of Jupiter to keep my musica interesting.

The reason why this song is my mile 13/26 song is because this is considered by many to be my song with Mr. Dubs. Lol. It came on at mile 12 at the half marathon and since then, I always get a great energy rush whenever it comes on while I'm running.

I'd love to know what songs you run/work out to!

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