August 25, 2012


Is there a thing as being too pink?

Found these pink Hunter rain boots at my local Nordstrom Rack for only $79! Hunter boots normally go for $125. Hurry over to Nordie's rack before they sell out!

Happy hunting!


Gabriele said...

omg I think Im in love with them! :O
want them so badly now! Xo

Rubiiee said...

Oh man, such a good deal! I need to hit up Nordstrom Rack soon! These are so cute!

Hope you are doing well, Tiffany!

<3 Rubiiee

Rochelle said...

I love this color...never saw it in any store before. I like the hunter green color and the black color. RoRos World

αвву M. said...

That´s too cute ^^,

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