August 24, 2012

Like a Lady

Happy Friday! Felt like the week was never going to end. I've been working way too much, so much that I had a horror dream about work.

To give myself a midweek treat, I went for the most basic luxury of all-- a mani/pedi! I can't ever turn down a baby pink, so when I saw this Gelish Pink Smoothie, I knew I must try! I love love love it! Perfect lady-like soft pink.

A few weeks ago I found this cute key necklace from Sephora. Looks familiar? Of course! This is the iconic Hello Kitty bow as it hails from their Hello Kitty line. I love how the bow opens to be a little mirror. The chain is long enough to wear as a layering piece or you can hook it so it sits higher up.

Yes. I did it again. 😓 I'm addicted. I keep patrolling the lulu site and yesterday, I got way too excited when I saw that they uploaded many new things into the sale section.

I got a pair of their famous Wunder Under Crop with the zipper for only $49! They usually go for $70-90 so it really is quite a deal! I checked again this morning but didn't see my color anymore. I'm always amazed by how quickly their things sell out.

Since I was already buying something, I threw in this cute Prettiest Pirouette Headband in this gorgeous purple color. I love how it's cute enough that I can wear it out normally. I just hope that it's strong enough to hold back my lion's mane.

I was so close to throwing the Vinyasa scarf in this purple as well but I'm going to hold off on it. I love the color and love love love how it has these buttons so you can wear it a bazillion different ways!

That's it for today. Hope everyone is having a last harrah with summer!


LiLy said...

Hey ♥ tiffany!!! Long time! Like that purple headband ay! Btw, I have offered another $80 giveaway just now, so check my blog out soon!! Mua!

Sandra said...

Your manicure looks super nice! And I really like the necklace. :)

Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

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