August 27, 2012

FYE: Healthy Edition!

There's no way to say this without sounding vain-- but an epiphany occurred this weekend when someone made an unlikely mistake between me and another girl. I need to work out.

I've been working out consistently but it's time to step up the game-- I need to get in beast mode. I actually tried to go on a ketogenic diet (google it) and unfortunately, did not have any energy for intensive work out. I've decided that diets are not for me but it's time to trim some fat-- literally.

Sodas-- cut.
Dinners-- must be portioned and preferably low carb
Snacking-- only healthy snacks
Cookies-- let's be real, the cookie monster cannot be tamed but let's be hopeful and say once a week 😊
Water-- plentiful

There's gotta be more goals than this but you get where I'm headed. I've come to realize that my most effective fitness plan does not involve any diet. I think there are some who can diet, some who can work out like a beast and on rare occasions they can do both. I'm a work out monster so I must stick to my strength but work on refining my weakness (food).

Here's a colorful look into my lunch box!

Salads can be delicious and hearty too! Yum!

To stay active, the gang and I went for a little hiking trip over the weekend. We went on a gorgeous trail in Berkeley where it was almost as windy and cold as San Francisco.

Here we are doing lord knows what. Nice photography Mr. Dubs!

Even my finger shadow cannot ruin the gorgeous view from the Inspirational Trail!

To give myself some work out inspiration, I decided to fashion my hair after the badass of the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen.

What are some of tour favorite diet foods and work outs?


Rubiiee said...
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Rubiiee said...

Yummy! I love bringing salads for lunch, they can be dressed up in so many different ways!

<3 Rubiiee

Sheila said...

Great tips! I really need to stick to them better esp the drinking more water part... -_-

xo - Sheila

Rubiiee said...

Hey girl! I nominated you for an award on my blog if you would like to check it out. :D

<3 Rubiiee

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