August 27, 2012

FYE: Healthy Edition!

There's no way to say this without sounding vain-- but an epiphany occurred this weekend when someone made an unlikely mistake between me and another girl. I need to work out.

I've been working out consistently but it's time to step up the game-- I need to get in beast mode. I actually tried to go on a ketogenic diet (google it) and unfortunately, did not have any energy for intensive work out. I've decided that diets are not for me but it's time to trim some fat-- literally.

Sodas-- cut.
Dinners-- must be portioned and preferably low carb
Snacking-- only healthy snacks
Cookies-- let's be real, the cookie monster cannot be tamed but let's be hopeful and say once a week 😊
Water-- plentiful

There's gotta be more goals than this but you get where I'm headed. I've come to realize that my most effective fitness plan does not involve any diet. I think there are some who can diet, some who can work out like a beast and on rare occasions they can do both. I'm a work out monster so I must stick to my strength but work on refining my weakness (food).

Here's a colorful look into my lunch box!

Salads can be delicious and hearty too! Yum!

To stay active, the gang and I went for a little hiking trip over the weekend. We went on a gorgeous trail in Berkeley where it was almost as windy and cold as San Francisco.

Here we are doing lord knows what. Nice photography Mr. Dubs!

Even my finger shadow cannot ruin the gorgeous view from the Inspirational Trail!

To give myself some work out inspiration, I decided to fashion my hair after the badass of the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen.

What are some of tour favorite diet foods and work outs?

August 25, 2012


Is there a thing as being too pink?

Found these pink Hunter rain boots at my local Nordstrom Rack for only $79! Hunter boots normally go for $125. Hurry over to Nordie's rack before they sell out!

Happy hunting!

August 24, 2012

Like a Lady

Happy Friday! Felt like the week was never going to end. I've been working way too much, so much that I had a horror dream about work.

To give myself a midweek treat, I went for the most basic luxury of all-- a mani/pedi! I can't ever turn down a baby pink, so when I saw this Gelish Pink Smoothie, I knew I must try! I love love love it! Perfect lady-like soft pink.

A few weeks ago I found this cute key necklace from Sephora. Looks familiar? Of course! This is the iconic Hello Kitty bow as it hails from their Hello Kitty line. I love how the bow opens to be a little mirror. The chain is long enough to wear as a layering piece or you can hook it so it sits higher up.

Yes. I did it again. 😓 I'm addicted. I keep patrolling the lulu site and yesterday, I got way too excited when I saw that they uploaded many new things into the sale section.

I got a pair of their famous Wunder Under Crop with the zipper for only $49! They usually go for $70-90 so it really is quite a deal! I checked again this morning but didn't see my color anymore. I'm always amazed by how quickly their things sell out.

Since I was already buying something, I threw in this cute Prettiest Pirouette Headband in this gorgeous purple color. I love how it's cute enough that I can wear it out normally. I just hope that it's strong enough to hold back my lion's mane.

I was so close to throwing the Vinyasa scarf in this purple as well but I'm going to hold off on it. I love the color and love love love how it has these buttons so you can wear it a bazillion different ways!

That's it for today. Hope everyone is having a last harrah with summer!

August 21, 2012

Candy Dots & Leopard Print

Trying to come up with new nail ideas every week is tough! Here's my candy dots inspired nails of the week!

I used the much hyped about Color Show polishes by Maybelline and I absolutely love it! These polishes are such a good deal! At less then $5 a piece, the polish goes on smoothly and the color is not too sheer. Only complaint is that the bottle is too small and the polish thickened very quickly. The pink is called Pinkalicious and the yellow is Fierce in Tangy.

The next thing I wanted to show you is this fabulous little Rebecca Minkoff iPhone case I found at TJ maxx. I've seen it at Nordie's for $39 but got it for $19! I got it about a week and a half ago so it may still be available!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

August 06, 2012

Lululemon Haul

I've never been much of what people would call a "fashionista". I'm not fashion forward nor am I trendy but I wouldn't exactly qualify myself as What Not to Wear status either . My style is very girly and feminine. I prefer to look put together, even if I'm only going out for pho to cure my massive hang over. I've recently developed a love-hate relationship with running and have been addicted to Lululemon. It's gotten so bad that I check their website daily-- sometimes more. All of their items are well made, well thought out and cute. Only down side is that my bank account is slowly depleting.

With this post, I just wanted to show you a few of my favorite lulu things that I've purchased in the last month or so!

*update* I need rehab. I drafted this post on Saturday night (after a late night run to Lulu) and on Sunday, I've already added more to my collection.

The link is not to my exact fur lined, ombre scuba but to the Sparkle Scuba that I'm dying to get my hands on. My fur-trimmed scuba is a limited edition and they're currently sold out of it. Honestly, when I first saw this on their site, I thought it was the ugliest thing. I hated the fur and the ombre but after seeing it in the store, I fell in love. The ombré is surprisingly flattering on and the fur is detachable. I love how it says "you are beautiful" on in inside of the hood.

I went back and forth with this bag quite a few times. I spotted it in store and immediately Mr. Dubs said no. I originally wanted it in black but decided not to get it as it is a little sportier than my usual style. Well... the more I thought about it, the more I needed it. With the water resistant material (outside and inside) and plethora of secret compartments, it was the perfect bag for theme parks, state fairs and hikes. You can't really tell but the strap is adjustable so you can wear it as a crossbody (high and low), a purse, a fanny pack (which I would never)...

I ended up with this grayish color with rose gold hardware and a bold lining. They had me with the bright pink interior. I've been using this bag for two days so far and am absolutely in love with it. At only $58, it's one of the more affordable pieces at lulu. I'm considering getting the black or the colorful one as well.

Again, this link does not take you to my exact leggings-- Lulu tends to sell out of a specific style within a month. I actually bought these for full price and it eventually made it the sale section. Not a common failure for me but I'd say these are worth every penny. Seriously, there's not a detail that was left out. The leggings never stretch out even though I've washed it a million times, they have grip bands so you don't have to worry about your leggings slipping when you run and they have many pockets for you to hold your valuables. Not only are they super comfy but I wear them free of muffin top worry!

These are a little bit on the pricy side but they're so comfy that you seriously feel like you're not wearing anything. The are non-slip, so you don't have to worry about having to adjust your undies. I'm collecting them in all colors!

I've always admired these cute little reusable lulu bags and now I have quite a collection of them at home. Here are a few of my favorite ones. I love it that they change up the bags every now and then.

Again, not my exact skirt but I'll be getting this orange baby for my Giants run in the September. I've never worn a running skirt for a run before but when I was running my first marathon, I saw a lot of girls wearing skirts and it was super cute.The name of this skirt is Run in the Sun skirt.

I also got this headband. I've had one previous headband from lulu and it didn't quite hold up my hair. I think I won't have a problem with this one since its so thick but we'll have to see.

Whenever I want to look at real pics of lulu stuff, I always go to  luluaddict to check them out first. Beware though, it will most likely make you want things you otherwise would've passed up.

See, my infatuation with Lululemon is dangerous. My addiction is so strong that I've even converted La Dubs to become a lulu-believer.

Are you a lulu kinda girl/boy?