July 18, 2012

Ombré Lights Take Three

So this is a little bit embarrassing but I've tried going ombre three times now and while the first time turned out ok, the 2nd time was horrific. For my third time, I went to a woman who's been doing my hair since I was really young. She was the one who dyed my hair blonde and fixed all my hair color botches. My hair really is very tough to handle-- from the nappy texture to the thickness, it's definitely got a mind of it's own. Luckily of me, this lady knew how to tame the beast!

Here is my inspiration. (I always try to bring in a photo to show but I feel like they never come out exact)

Miz Simpson's do calls for dark dark roots and super light ends. A more dramatic ombré do from I've attempted so far.

This is what I walked out with. I was initially freaking out a bit. The colors look so drastic. Could be the fact that she straightened my hair or maybe as I washed it the top lightened but after I washed and styled it myself, the colors are less drastic.

See! It actually flows pretty nicely. Only bad thing is that it brings out the dryness in the super dry hair. I'm now shopping around door a good restoration conditioner and am using my MorroccanOil habitually.

Just a little life update for you guys... I've got quite a week coming up. This Friday is my company's annual kickball game. Not sure how actively I'm looking to participate, there is a good chance that I'll be stationed by the beer and the food. 😄 Then on Saturday, La Dubs and I will be attending his cousin's wedding. I love weddings and almost always cry/tear up! Then we will be hitting up the California State Fair on Sunday.

As for today? I'm going to watch Magic Mike with the girls. You better bet that we'll be hootin' & hollarin'.

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Hola Bambi said...

Gorgeous girl! your hair is amazing x