July 11, 2012

Lake Berryessa and Leopard Nails

Over the weekend the gang and I made a short day trip to Lake Berryessa-- about an hour and a half north of San Francisco. We rented a boat, three jet skis and brought a feast.

Mr. Dubs brought his famous artichoke dip and I felt compelled to make something of my own since I never bring anything homemade to potlucks. Inspired by pinterest (@tiffabulously) I decided to make these rainbow fruit skewers. Even though it didn't turn out quite as nicely as my inspiration, I think I did a fairly decent job!

We woke up at the crack of dawn and met up at 7AM so start our adventurous day.

Here is a shot of our cute little boat equipped with a sound system and a barbeque grill.

Here are two of the boys and Alice on the jetski. At first I thought that this was a pic of three boys on one jetski. Not that Alice looks anything like a boy just that I wouldn't be surprised if our silly boys decided to fit three on one jetski... even if we did have three jetskis rented!

Here I am camwhoring with La Dubs and the girls!

This is my favorite picture of the day.

I borrowed my mom's fancy visor. Hehe. I don't want anymore ugly tan lines!

Isn't the lake so gorg? It's hard to believe that we were merely an hour and a half away from foggy metropolitan San Francisco. I felt like I was in a whole different world! (and yes Alice, if you're reading this, I stole the picture of the lake from you!)

Oh and to sneak in a nail pic, here's my latest and greatest-- creamsicle leopard print. I actually have been searching high and low for a color like this and no Essie or OPI filled the void. This is called "Apricot Pastry" from Revlon's scented line. It was nice that the usual headache inducing nail polish scent was replaced by a sweet apricot smell. It actually lasted a good two days. I'm on day two and there is still a faint smell!

That's it for now! Happy hump day!


Anna said...

I cant wait for it to be summer where i am ! It looks like your having an amazing time!
I am now craving fruit kebabs after reading this! yum :)


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