June 25, 2012

Radio Alice's Summerthing

This past weekend the gang and I decided to enjoy music, food and San Francisco by taking part in the free concert held in Golden Gate Park known as Alice radio's Summerthing. The weather couldn't be any more perfect with only flashes of San Franciscan chill.

Wasn't lying when I said it was gorgeous out!

When the girls and I got there, we were starved-- as usual. Immediately, we headed over to the paella station and had one order each for ourselves! The paella was mass produced in a ginormous pan. It was delicious but my only complaint is that it wasn't hot enough.

Of course the boys came back with even more food-- samosas, lumpia, turkey sammie, tacos, pork Sammie and chocolate covered bacon.

I didn't manage to camwhore with my friends much, I'm afraid my shameless camwhoring days may be a thing of the past. But I did manage to snap a pic of my fotd and another of me wearing Emster's hat! I feel like it's my duty to sport headbands as much as possible to pay tribute to my hippie San Franciscan roots!

Here's the lone ranger and his hat won at a booth.

To cool off, we decided to head over to the little popsicle cart. With unique favors like watermelon mint and strawberry creme and basil, you would only assume that your taste buds would be blown away. Unfortunately for me, I was unimpressed by these unconventional pairings. At $4 a pop, I felt guilty having to hand off half of mine to Mr. Dubs.

Our final treat for the day was this volcano drink. It was fizzing like a volcano and tasted like a liquid slurpee!

P.S. I am now rocking a very unattractive headband tan line on my forehead. Definitely not a good look!

In case you're curious to see just how bad...

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