June 11, 2012

Haight Street Festival

What would you expect from the street festival of the iconic hippy Haight Street of San Francisco? Very eccentric people of course!

Moving back to the city really made me see how blessed I am to be surrounded by such great food and unique San Franciscan events. I'm never short of new restaurants to try or weekend activities!

Here are a few pics of me doing what I do best, camwhoring! I actually decided to curl my hair for the day and although the curls didn't last all day, I did like the end results!

We started the day off with some light branching with heavy mimosa drinking. (you guys know I love to go bottomless with my mimosas!) I don't remember the name of this dish but it was truly BDC (bombDOTcom). It was like a breakfast cioppino-- it has shrimp, fish, spinach and an egg all stewed with this lobster sauce and paired with garlic bread and house potatoes. Definitely worth every calorie!

I didn't snap too many pics of the Haight Street Fair because it was PACKED. It happened to fall on a gorgeous gorgeous San Franciscan day, I think we hit the 80's almost the entire day!

I really LOL'd when I saw this tee. Very true to San Franciscan culture. Hehe.

This man kept trying to get Denise and I to take a picture with him. Sorry homie but we don't want to pay $2 just to be in the picture with you!

This is a no filter pic! Can you imagine how beautiful it was outside? It made our skin look completely flawless!

Later on that night I met up with my favorite pair of brothers! We just chilled until I had the call of (gf) duties and had to bring Mr. Dubs some dinner.

Not to be left out, here's my gross sickly Mr. Dubs!

Ahhh SF.. if you gave us more sunshine, I'd hella love you!


k come karolina said...

omg! this look is fab!!!

xoxo from rome

The Petite Blogger said...

the food looks soo yummy! love ur hair!!!! wish i had long waivy hair like yours!

xoxo jenna

Rubiiee said...

OH! This was happening when my BF was on his annual tour at Travis AFB and took a day trip to San Fran. He had no clue what was happening!!

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