May 09, 2012

A Night at the Museum

I've been running perpetually on 5 or less hours of sleep so needless to say, I've been a little cray cray lately. The past two months has been pretty nuts and while I'm no complaining, I just can't wait for it all to die down-- mainly stop working 6AM every morning.

Anyways, story of my life. Here are some pictures from my instagram of what I've been up to lately. I've got a million and one different blog posts I want to share but it's been rough trying to draft them up. Here is a look at my night at the museum! Every Thursday, the Academy of Science challenges your inner nerd to come out and enjoy some cocktails. Mr. Dubs like to joke that it's here all the nerds go dancing, but hey, I wouldn't sound so cocky because it looks like we're part of those nerds!

Let's start off with some camwhoring shots! :)

They have this lit up jelly fish tank where lights change colors every few minutes! As you can tell, I was fascinated by it and had to catch all the pretty colors!

Look what I found at the gift shop! Nerdy robots! Hehe.

Miss Ari and I doing what we do best-- goofing off!

The museum is home to the longest snake in the world, Lemon Drop! I'm not a fan of snakes though I'm no Indiana Jones but Lemon Drop has such a cute face and pretty colors! See for yourself!

In case you're wondering, Lemon Drop is a 15 ft albino python.

I summoned Lemon Drop with my Parselmouth.

Posing at the fish tank with a fish.

Now friends, bloggers and readers... I have one last message for you!


Do you guys instagram? Find me on instagram @tiffabulously!


Gabriele said...

oh looks like so much fun has happened in your life.. :) love instagram!


Sandra said...

It looks like a fun night! :)

Rubiiee said...

Haha, can't help but think they might have named Lemon Drop after one of Dumbledors favorite candies. XD

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