May 14, 2012

F.Y.E: La Boulange

'twas Mother's Day and Mr. Dubs and I had plenty of errands to run in preparation of a feast but we found time to pop into Lululemon to pick up my mothers day gift from my Bebe. :) Before starting our busy day, we made a stop for a bite at one of my favorite French patisserie in the city, La Boulange! They serve you coffee in a bowl and have the best French onion soup!

I honestly did not take a sip out of this bowl of coffee. I don't believe in coffee drinking as I don't believe in stained teeth and coffee breath!

Open face tuna melt with French onion soup. Mhhhhmmm. This is my go-to combo!

Smoked salmon open face sandwich! I decided to go with this combo since Mr. Dubs decided to order my favorite and I hate ordering the same exact thing as him!

Here are my pressies for mothers day from Beebs. New Lululemon marathon leggings and the Ciate caviar manicure set! I can't wait to give the polish a try and of course who can turn down Lululemon!

Great end to a great weekend. Now I'm singing the Monday morning blues. Le sigh. The weekend can't come any quicker!

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Miss Delirium said...

wuuuuuuuuuut coffee is heaven!! ;) but ofc, the breath and ugly teeth are something i could live without ;)

looks like u had a great time :)