May 03, 2012

(base) Ballin'

It's baseball season again and (most of the) gang and I headed for another game! I decided to be a little more festive than usual and picked up these little orange shoes for the game! Black and orange till I die! (ok I'm being a poser... I'm not a die hard fan but I see that on my Facebook all the time so I had to put it!)

Riding the famed cable car!

Here's the real reason why I like to go to games... Eating, drinking and photowhoring! Nom nom!

Before the game I decided I wanted to go get my hair cut! I randomly made an appointment with someone decently priced in the financial district and praying to the hair gods that I won't walk out a mess and that she won't wash of my brows since the game is right after! Luckily, she did neither! Here's a before and after picture... granted that my before picture was taken the day before and I had bare minimal make up on but I can definitely say that this is one of my better hair cuts!

It Thursday already again! The week flew by for me and I'm not complaining! I'm ready for the weekend!!