May 21, 2012

Bay to Breakers 2.0

Happy Monday! I'm going to be honest, I'm blogging on my bus ride to work and it's far from happy. I'm hungover from all my b2b festivities yesterday and I'm daydreaming about the moment when my body hits the bed once again. Le sigh. The things I do for fun.

Moving on, b2b this year was so much fun but then again, alcohol and costumes in San Francisco is always a recipe for fun! I didn't take many pictures of naked men/women this time around but I definitely had a blast!

Our theme this year was ninja turtles! It makes me sad and feel so old to think that kids today probably have no clue what they are. 😔

Mr. Dubs and I made our costumes the night before and I can't say that I'm disappointed. As first timers with the sewing machine, I think we dd a pretty decent job! Can't wait for more costume making!! Here are some pictures of our day-- we started our drinking at 8:30 am!

Wheeeeee! Couldn't have asked for a better Sunday funday!

May 17, 2012

Nails, nails, nails!

Hola! I'm just popping in to do a quick post on my nails. I'm sorry blogger but IG has taken over my social networking quota lately! Can't beat being able to just load a picture within seconds!

Anyways, here's a quick peek into my nails of the month before I jet (drive) off to Napa once again!

I have more but I'll save that for another post! I've actually got some reviews coming up and I really want to get to it.... soon! I promise!

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May 14, 2012

F.Y.E: La Boulange

'twas Mother's Day and Mr. Dubs and I had plenty of errands to run in preparation of a feast but we found time to pop into Lululemon to pick up my mothers day gift from my Bebe. :) Before starting our busy day, we made a stop for a bite at one of my favorite French patisserie in the city, La Boulange! They serve you coffee in a bowl and have the best French onion soup!

I honestly did not take a sip out of this bowl of coffee. I don't believe in coffee drinking as I don't believe in stained teeth and coffee breath!

Open face tuna melt with French onion soup. Mhhhhmmm. This is my go-to combo!

Smoked salmon open face sandwich! I decided to go with this combo since Mr. Dubs decided to order my favorite and I hate ordering the same exact thing as him!

Here are my pressies for mothers day from Beebs. New Lululemon marathon leggings and the Ciate caviar manicure set! I can't wait to give the polish a try and of course who can turn down Lululemon!

Great end to a great weekend. Now I'm singing the Monday morning blues. Le sigh. The weekend can't come any quicker!

May 09, 2012

A Night at the Museum

I've been running perpetually on 5 or less hours of sleep so needless to say, I've been a little cray cray lately. The past two months has been pretty nuts and while I'm no complaining, I just can't wait for it all to die down-- mainly stop working 6AM every morning.

Anyways, story of my life. Here are some pictures from my instagram of what I've been up to lately. I've got a million and one different blog posts I want to share but it's been rough trying to draft them up. Here is a look at my night at the museum! Every Thursday, the Academy of Science challenges your inner nerd to come out and enjoy some cocktails. Mr. Dubs like to joke that it's here all the nerds go dancing, but hey, I wouldn't sound so cocky because it looks like we're part of those nerds!

Let's start off with some camwhoring shots! :)

They have this lit up jelly fish tank where lights change colors every few minutes! As you can tell, I was fascinated by it and had to catch all the pretty colors!

Look what I found at the gift shop! Nerdy robots! Hehe.

Miss Ari and I doing what we do best-- goofing off!

The museum is home to the longest snake in the world, Lemon Drop! I'm not a fan of snakes though I'm no Indiana Jones but Lemon Drop has such a cute face and pretty colors! See for yourself!

In case you're wondering, Lemon Drop is a 15 ft albino python.

I summoned Lemon Drop with my Parselmouth.

Posing at the fish tank with a fish.

Now friends, bloggers and readers... I have one last message for you!


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May 03, 2012

(base) Ballin'

It's baseball season again and (most of the) gang and I headed for another game! I decided to be a little more festive than usual and picked up these little orange shoes for the game! Black and orange till I die! (ok I'm being a poser... I'm not a die hard fan but I see that on my Facebook all the time so I had to put it!)

Riding the famed cable car!

Here's the real reason why I like to go to games... Eating, drinking and photowhoring! Nom nom!

Before the game I decided I wanted to go get my hair cut! I randomly made an appointment with someone decently priced in the financial district and praying to the hair gods that I won't walk out a mess and that she won't wash of my brows since the game is right after! Luckily, she did neither! Here's a before and after picture... granted that my before picture was taken the day before and I had bare minimal make up on but I can definitely say that this is one of my better hair cuts!

It Thursday already again! The week flew by for me and I'm not complaining! I'm ready for the weekend!!