April 24, 2012

Food, nails, oh my!

Why hello there! It's been a whole two weeks since I've posted and I have no excuse but the fact that I've been ultra uninspired lately and busy with a move again. Mr. Dubs and I will be moving in our own little place in the coming few weeks and it's definitely what you would call a fixer upper! Almost there though...! I'm sure that in the upcoming months, I will be doing plenty of home shopping. Can't wait to share with you guys!

For now, I'm going to share a few of my instagram goodies! If you're on instagram, find me at tiffabulously!

First, my infinity ring courtesy of Mr. Dubs. So sweet! Matches my Tiffany blue nails! I'm using an Essie polish but I don't remember the name.

My take on the neon trend! Essie's Whisper, Bermuda Shorts and Funky Limelight.

Lisa's quarter of a century! I have since fixed my lion's mane and dyed it back to a more flattering dark brown.

Yum! I've always been a tamago fan but this is the best I've ever had!

Lastly, the kimchee burrito!

See, I've still been out and about! Just haven't had as much time to blog. No worries, give me a few months and I'll be back in no time! Happy Tuesday!


αвву M. said...

i Like the ring and the nails and the food and everything in your post hehe.. followed you on Instagram too^^ Good luck with the moving :D

Miss Delirium said...

Loving that neon too :) Really gotta get me that yellow :)

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