March 08, 2012

Two NOTD and Introducing My Hair Crack

Hello! Happy Thursday! This week seemed to have zoomed by very quickly-- not complaining at all!

Here are two NOTD's for ya-- top one is a Sally Hansen Gem Crush sparkler polish I picked up from Walgreens. Though I loved the color and the bling, I'm not a fan of the polish itself; chipped within moments of drying. It is also a giant pain to remove. Totally not worth it for $7!

The next NOTD is what I'm currently wearing. I don't usually do a whole lot of designs as I am way too impatient to do so but inspired by Tessa's always creative nails, I decided to work on a little accent nail! Nothing really advanced, just a little bit of polka dots! In case you're wondering, I picked up a Butter Hardware Top Coat. Can't say that I like it yet (just did my nails yesterday) but I'll let you guys know if it's worth it $14. I have to say, it doesn't dry as quickly as Seche Vite but I'm hoping that it will be more long wearing.

Last thing I wanna show you guys-- my hair crack. *sidenote, but did anyone ever watch The Beauty Shop with Queen Latifa? That's what hair crack always reminds me of! Anyways, for as long as I can remember, my lion's mane has been unruly and unhealthy. I'm so sick of my hair looking dry and nappy all the time, so I finally did something about it! On my recent Ulta trip, I decided to pick up a bottle MoroccanOil. To my disappointment, not only do they not carry the brand but the guy helping me kept trying to convince me that there is no such brand. I decided to give this One 'n Only Argon oil a chance though. I've used MoroccanOil before and this is probably as good as a dupe gets. The smell, feel and results are identical. Long gone are my toasted hair ends, now, I can have long bouncy wavy hair! For a fraction of MorroccanOil's price, I'm now a huge fan of the One 'n Only Argan Oil!


Weekend is almost here!! Hope very one is having a happy Thursday!


CottonCandyINK said...

love the nails! i use the same oil for my hair. don't you just love the smell ;-)

L e n a said...

hey Tiffany! :)
your hair looks very soft.^-^
too bad the sally hansen polish didn't work for you. i think nail polishes with bigger particles chip easily in general, though. i really like the look on your nails, though!

Nty n J said...

Love ur nails,following u now:)

Lov3kat said...

Your hair looks beautiful!!
I want to buy moroccan oil! But not sure where they sell it in HK :(

I guess i won't mind trying out other oils or serum :D!

mymy said...

Cute nails ! love your hair, very pretty=)

Anne said...

Hey Tiffany!

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'm going to add yours to my google reader :)

How do you remove your glitter nail polish? I'm having a tough time removing mine. A friend recommended soaking cotton balls in nail polish remover and putting foil over them. Have you tried that?

xo Annie

Katja said...

I love those pink nails! :)

Summer-Raye said...

I use the same hair oil. I love it. Makes my hair feel so soft, sometimes I get a little too much and it makes it look a tad greasy! haha but its my fault

Sharon said...

Your hair looks amazing and I love the colour :) Followed :)