March 01, 2012

Napa Mini-Getaway

I went to Napa a few weeks ago to celebrate Mr. Dub's quarter of a century. Had so much fun relaxing and wining! I decide. To consolidate my abundance of photos into collages to make it easier to read!

Our first stop was Brix for brunch. It is an AYCE brunch and definitely beats any AYCE I've ever experienced. Everything was gourmet and fresh-- I went back for so many raw oysters that the server said I must really like them. How embarrassing!

Brix, Yountville

Before even checking into the hotel, La Dubs and I decide to first make a tasting stop. One tasting at Chandon and I was feeling bubbly and giggly, typical of me!

Domaine Chandon, Yountville

I booked our hotel with a Bloomspot deal that I had purchased. I was initially concerned because I read on Yelp that the little individual bungalows made the place look like a trailer park. Luckily, Mr. Dubs and I both agreed that the little tiny homes were cute and offered us much needed privacy!

River Pointe, Napa

We wasted no time to drive out to another vineyard for tasting. Our next stop was V. Sattui where we tasted our favorite wines!

V. Sattui, St. Helena

When dinner time rolled around, we decided to go to the local farmer's market in Napa and lo and behold what do we see? A Hog Island of course! While I'm not a big fan, I did want Mr. Dubs to experience their unique clam chowder. We didn't go for more raw oysters since I had plenty at Brix but we did go for the chowder and oyster po' boy!

Hog Island Oyster Co, Napa

Right across from Hog Island was Three Twins Ice Cream where I discovered my new favorite ice-cream, Lemon Cookie. All of Three Twins Ice Cream are organic and the lemon cookie was not sour or overly sweet at all. I'm so happy that they have a location in SF where I can go satisfy my craving!

Three Twins Ice Cream, Napa

Below are food pics from the day after. We checked out the highly rated C. CASA and was not disappointed!


Last but not least, here are our alcohol photos. Judging by these photos, I would say our trip was quite a success!

Looking at these photos makes me anxious for another trip already! There's so much to eat and drink in Napa! I need a real vacation!


Tiffany MS Makeup said...

You guys seemed to have had a wonderful time! I'm so envious! Congrats the Mr.Dubs :)

Girlie Blogger said...

What a fun trip. You definitely know how to enjoy your time. Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

Summer-Raye said...

HAHAHA I just died with what you said it looked like a trailer park, I think it looked quaint. Looks like you two had a blast and thats what matters.

B said...

Hi Tiff! Would you mind sharing what app you use to combine multiple pictures and add labels? Thanks and as always, love your blog! Hope life is all good these days for you :)

♥ tiffany said...

B-- I use several photo apps to make collages and add captions! My favorite ones (the ones I used on this post) are: Frametastic and Pic Stitch for the collages and Labelbox and Label Dispenser for the labeling! Hope that helps!

Anne said...

V. Sattui is my fave!

xo Annie

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