March 16, 2012

March Glam Bag and NOTD

Happy Friday!! I am very sad to say that this week I'll be working 6 days so it really isn't much of a Friday for me today.

Another month, another My Glam Bag arrived. This month's My Glam Bag is such a snoozefest that I can honestly say I have not touched a single item that was sent.

Like last month, my Glam Bag arrived in a pretty pink bubble envelope.

Upon ripping it apart, I found these goodies inside.

While I think this month's pouch is cute, I'm not feeling the light canvas material. It will probably get dirty really easily.

Here are the samples that I got this month. Nothing that really interests me too much.

What I did find a bit interesting was this eye crease brush in a little pink case. I don't really care for the pink case as it feels super cheap but the brush looks like it can have potential.

More of those coupon cards...

As you can tell, I'm far less impressed with this month's My Glam Bag. I will, however, continue to subscribe only because I enjoy getting these pretty pink packages and because it's only My Glam Bag's 3rd month and I really should give it another chance.

Moving on.. I wanna show you guys this week's nails! I've been playing with my nail art supplies lately and here is what I came up with!

Last thing I'm going to leave you guys with is a picture of an amazing view from my hiking expedition last weekend! I'm not much of an outdoorsy kind of person but the incredible view really caught me by surprise.

Oh yes and my hiking outfit. I have a fanny pack and all-- looking like a pro at it! It's too bad I hurt my foot while hiking and is a great set back to my marathon running!

Happy Friday everyone! Have an epic St. Patty's!


CottonCandyINK said...

love the nails

LiLy said...

I love the nails too ay!

Katja said...

I love your nails! :)

Katja said...

I love your nails! :)

♥Elizabeth♥ said...

the glam bag idea is so cute! how much does it cost a month?

♥ tiffany said...

It's $10/month!

Joyce said...

love your nails =) the color is amazing. lol im not much of an outdoorsy camping type of person either. but i actually love hiking! glad to hear it went well for you~ keep in touch <3


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