March 04, 2012

February My Glam Bag

I know I know... It's March and I'm just getting around to doing this post but in my defense, I really only received it a week (or maybe two weeks) ago. In the process of moving, somehow my mailing address update didn't get processed with the My Glam Bag squad and I didn't receive my delivery. Luckily, the Glam Girls resent my bag, with no questions asked! Fabulous customer service! Or those unfamiliar with My Glam Bag, it is created by YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan. I feel like the contents might not be as high end as other subscription boxes but it feels more practical to me.

Moving on-- I didn't think I quite cared for the bag it came with. The material felt super cheap and my bag had a string hanging loose (see below). But with that said, this is now the cosmetic bag I use to keep all my gym toiletries. The size is perfect because it can fit mascaras, eyelash curler and compacts with no trouble zipping up!

My Glam Bag arrived at my doorstep in a metallic pink bubble envelope. I'm tempted to keep the envelope because it's so pretty!

Onto the contents... my Feb My Glam Bag came with a full sized NYX roll on shimmer in Chestnut, some facial samples from Premier, X Out oil free shine control, Freeman hydration mask, a $100 Nume gift certificate (but you must spend $50) and a chocolate delight from Ghiradelli.

Here is a swatch of the roll on shimmer from NYX. I'm not a fan of anything roll on because it tends to fall out and make a mess but I guess it's nothing a good primer can't fix. I love how it's super pigmented and glittery. I don't usually do many browns so I probably won't be wearing this often but perhaps I will try to do an EOTD sometime soon!

Over all, I wasn't disappointed by my Feb Glam Bag but I wouldn't say I was too impressed. Is it worth the $10? I would say yes. The anticipation of receiving any subscription alone is worth the $10 IMHO but I definitely feel that My Glam Bag is a step up from Birch Box. I'm looking forward to getting customized monthly bags from My Glam Bag but for now, I'm just excited to wait for my pink metallic, generic, goody-filled bag to come in the mail!

Did you enjoy your February My Glam Bag?


Nty & J said...

Nice picks.

Lov3kat said...

I want to subscribe to some beauty box thing.. But don't know which company i want :|
haaha :P

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