March 30, 2012

SoCal Round 1

I know it seems like lately I've been going down to SoCal an awful lot... but quite frankly, it's not enough. Since moving back to Norcal, I've honestly been having some serious SoCal withdrawals. I miss the sun, the cleanliness of the OC, and the beautiful people. Round 1 in SoCal was amazing and I'm definitely looking forward to round 2 coming up!

Enough of my whining! My fun-filled weekend was so fun filled that I'm still recovering. I'm such grandma status these days!

Look what kind of surprises I arrived to...

She dressed up as a chauffeur to pick me up and showered me with presents!!

Right off the plane, we needed off to go clubbing. Here's what I wore. I wish I got better pictures but I had left my phone in the car. -_- I literally only had time to change and we were off!

Any weekend spent with my two besties will always guarantee an immense amount of fun! I'm extremely lucky to have them in my life. I feel like when I'm with them, we're invincible, like we rule the world-- which we do!

I also finally got to check out Nothing Bundt Cakes. To say that I wasn't drawn to the place only because of the cute name is a lie but I was impressed by the deliciousness of their cakes too! If you're in the OC, I highly recommend dropping by to try the best bundt cake ever!

Nothing Bundt Cakes, Tustin

Outside my tattoo parlor, I saw this sign. Hella hella hellla! Proper way to use hella? I hella had to run out immediately to take this picture!

Another snapshot of our tattoos. I'm in love with it and can't wait till it's fully healed!

Of course, Sunday brunch is totally called for but what's a brunch without bottomless mimosas? Here we are enjoying our food and our endless booze while sunny SoCal is down pouring rain worthy of our usual SF rainstorms.

The Alley, Newport Beach

I skipped a few details in between, like how Emmett and Mr. Dubs decided to kill half a bottle of tequila on their own in 30 minutes (you get the picture). Probably not their brightest hour but seems to be their funnest. 😓 We also had a doggie party where we had 4 little pombabies running wild. It was nuts. So chaotic that I think we're better off leaving those pictures and images only to our memories and your imagination.

Coming back from this trip, Mr. dubs, Emster and myself made the brilliant decision of stopping by Harris Ranch for some steak. Mhmmmm, brilliant decision it was.

Harris Ranch, Coalinga

Going back to work is the hardest part about going on a trip. This wasn't even a full on vacation but I had so much fun that it was hard to come back to reality. Hopefully I can stop working once I win the lottery though!

Woot woot! The pot is 500 mil people.... Wish me luck!

March 27, 2012

New Ink!

Outerlimits, Costa Mesa

I know.. I'm such a badass!

March 16, 2012

March Glam Bag and NOTD

Happy Friday!! I am very sad to say that this week I'll be working 6 days so it really isn't much of a Friday for me today.

Another month, another My Glam Bag arrived. This month's My Glam Bag is such a snoozefest that I can honestly say I have not touched a single item that was sent.

Like last month, my Glam Bag arrived in a pretty pink bubble envelope.

Upon ripping it apart, I found these goodies inside.

While I think this month's pouch is cute, I'm not feeling the light canvas material. It will probably get dirty really easily.

Here are the samples that I got this month. Nothing that really interests me too much.

What I did find a bit interesting was this eye crease brush in a little pink case. I don't really care for the pink case as it feels super cheap but the brush looks like it can have potential.

More of those coupon cards...

As you can tell, I'm far less impressed with this month's My Glam Bag. I will, however, continue to subscribe only because I enjoy getting these pretty pink packages and because it's only My Glam Bag's 3rd month and I really should give it another chance.

Moving on.. I wanna show you guys this week's nails! I've been playing with my nail art supplies lately and here is what I came up with!

Last thing I'm going to leave you guys with is a picture of an amazing view from my hiking expedition last weekend! I'm not much of an outdoorsy kind of person but the incredible view really caught me by surprise.

Oh yes and my hiking outfit. I have a fanny pack and all-- looking like a pro at it! It's too bad I hurt my foot while hiking and is a great set back to my marathon running!

Happy Friday everyone! Have an epic St. Patty's!

March 08, 2012

Two NOTD and Introducing My Hair Crack

Hello! Happy Thursday! This week seemed to have zoomed by very quickly-- not complaining at all!

Here are two NOTD's for ya-- top one is a Sally Hansen Gem Crush sparkler polish I picked up from Walgreens. Though I loved the color and the bling, I'm not a fan of the polish itself; chipped within moments of drying. It is also a giant pain to remove. Totally not worth it for $7!

The next NOTD is what I'm currently wearing. I don't usually do a whole lot of designs as I am way too impatient to do so but inspired by Tessa's always creative nails, I decided to work on a little accent nail! Nothing really advanced, just a little bit of polka dots! In case you're wondering, I picked up a Butter Hardware Top Coat. Can't say that I like it yet (just did my nails yesterday) but I'll let you guys know if it's worth it $14. I have to say, it doesn't dry as quickly as Seche Vite but I'm hoping that it will be more long wearing.

Last thing I wanna show you guys-- my hair crack. *sidenote, but did anyone ever watch The Beauty Shop with Queen Latifa? That's what hair crack always reminds me of! Anyways, for as long as I can remember, my lion's mane has been unruly and unhealthy. I'm so sick of my hair looking dry and nappy all the time, so I finally did something about it! On my recent Ulta trip, I decided to pick up a bottle MoroccanOil. To my disappointment, not only do they not carry the brand but the guy helping me kept trying to convince me that there is no such brand. I decided to give this One 'n Only Argon oil a chance though. I've used MoroccanOil before and this is probably as good as a dupe gets. The smell, feel and results are identical. Long gone are my toasted hair ends, now, I can have long bouncy wavy hair! For a fraction of MorroccanOil's price, I'm now a huge fan of the One 'n Only Argan Oil!


Weekend is almost here!! Hope very one is having a happy Thursday!

March 04, 2012

February My Glam Bag

I know I know... It's March and I'm just getting around to doing this post but in my defense, I really only received it a week (or maybe two weeks) ago. In the process of moving, somehow my mailing address update didn't get processed with the My Glam Bag squad and I didn't receive my delivery. Luckily, the Glam Girls resent my bag, with no questions asked! Fabulous customer service! Or those unfamiliar with My Glam Bag, it is created by YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan. I feel like the contents might not be as high end as other subscription boxes but it feels more practical to me.

Moving on-- I didn't think I quite cared for the bag it came with. The material felt super cheap and my bag had a string hanging loose (see below). But with that said, this is now the cosmetic bag I use to keep all my gym toiletries. The size is perfect because it can fit mascaras, eyelash curler and compacts with no trouble zipping up!

My Glam Bag arrived at my doorstep in a metallic pink bubble envelope. I'm tempted to keep the envelope because it's so pretty!

Onto the contents... my Feb My Glam Bag came with a full sized NYX roll on shimmer in Chestnut, some facial samples from Premier, X Out oil free shine control, Freeman hydration mask, a $100 Nume gift certificate (but you must spend $50) and a chocolate delight from Ghiradelli.

Here is a swatch of the roll on shimmer from NYX. I'm not a fan of anything roll on because it tends to fall out and make a mess but I guess it's nothing a good primer can't fix. I love how it's super pigmented and glittery. I don't usually do many browns so I probably won't be wearing this often but perhaps I will try to do an EOTD sometime soon!

Over all, I wasn't disappointed by my Feb Glam Bag but I wouldn't say I was too impressed. Is it worth the $10? I would say yes. The anticipation of receiving any subscription alone is worth the $10 IMHO but I definitely feel that My Glam Bag is a step up from Birch Box. I'm looking forward to getting customized monthly bags from My Glam Bag but for now, I'm just excited to wait for my pink metallic, generic, goody-filled bag to come in the mail!

Did you enjoy your February My Glam Bag?

March 01, 2012

Napa Mini-Getaway

I went to Napa a few weeks ago to celebrate Mr. Dub's quarter of a century. Had so much fun relaxing and wining! I decide. To consolidate my abundance of photos into collages to make it easier to read!

Our first stop was Brix for brunch. It is an AYCE brunch and definitely beats any AYCE I've ever experienced. Everything was gourmet and fresh-- I went back for so many raw oysters that the server said I must really like them. How embarrassing!

Brix, Yountville

Before even checking into the hotel, La Dubs and I decide to first make a tasting stop. One tasting at Chandon and I was feeling bubbly and giggly, typical of me!

Domaine Chandon, Yountville

I booked our hotel with a Bloomspot deal that I had purchased. I was initially concerned because I read on Yelp that the little individual bungalows made the place look like a trailer park. Luckily, Mr. Dubs and I both agreed that the little tiny homes were cute and offered us much needed privacy!

River Pointe, Napa

We wasted no time to drive out to another vineyard for tasting. Our next stop was V. Sattui where we tasted our favorite wines!

V. Sattui, St. Helena

When dinner time rolled around, we decided to go to the local farmer's market in Napa and lo and behold what do we see? A Hog Island of course! While I'm not a big fan, I did want Mr. Dubs to experience their unique clam chowder. We didn't go for more raw oysters since I had plenty at Brix but we did go for the chowder and oyster po' boy!

Hog Island Oyster Co, Napa

Right across from Hog Island was Three Twins Ice Cream where I discovered my new favorite ice-cream, Lemon Cookie. All of Three Twins Ice Cream are organic and the lemon cookie was not sour or overly sweet at all. I'm so happy that they have a location in SF where I can go satisfy my craving!

Three Twins Ice Cream, Napa

Below are food pics from the day after. We checked out the highly rated C. CASA and was not disappointed!


Last but not least, here are our alcohol photos. Judging by these photos, I would say our trip was quite a success!

Looking at these photos makes me anxious for another trip already! There's so much to eat and drink in Napa! I need a real vacation!