February 05, 2012

February Photo Challenge

Saw this on a friends facebook and decided to give it a go!

My little baby Beebs sleeping on my tummy begging for a belly rub!

Can you spot some of your favorite wizards on my page?

Double as my NOTD! I dot usually do designs but thought this was fun!

Archie, my nephew, thinks I'm strange. :(

10AM and we're ready for some wine tasting!

So I'm pretty sure I will not be posting daily but I'm pretty sure I'll be posting my challenge pics at least once a week! Happy February!


CottonCandyINK said...

love the polish and your puppy is too cute

L e n a said...

i love this idea!
Beebs is the perfect start for the whole series.
(my favorite wizard is Ron, of course. ;p)

Rina said...

aw ur pup is sooo adorable! love ur blog xoxo

a, said...

great idea! and your face shape is so perfect :P

Lov3kat said...

The photo challenge seems fun!! :D
I want give it ago but i'm a bit late xD

LINDA said...

Cute post and nails wow! ♥

Linda from www.moonon.com

Anonymous said...

On your last pic, I really like the polka dot shirt you have on, where did you get that shirt? Thanks!

♥ tiffany said...

Sorry for the super late response but the top is from forever21!