February 24, 2012

My SoCal Trip

Hi all! I've been gone for a bit.. Not because I didn't want to blog anymore but just that it's been a super tough few weeks with tons of ups and super downs. Luckily, life is slowly getting back together for me and I'm back! 😝

Not gonna talk much but here are some pics of my SoCal trip!

If you're reading this, Tessa, I FUCKING LOVE YOU! Thank you for everything!

February 10, 2012

Photo Challenge II

Another February photo challenge update! I might try to do one a day next week just to switch things up a bit!

First up is dinner at Mexicali Rose, Oakland's oldest Mexican restaurant! To be completely honest, this restaurant is located in a really ghetto area, literally across the street from a jail. Of course Mr. Dubs didn't tell me about it until we got there. Though it was ghetto, I must admit that the food was delicious. Not sure if it's worth risking my life though.

Next is a photo of a button. What better to post than the button unlike to push the most?

Capturing the sun isn't too hard here in Cali-- in fact, I snapped this picture at a very random position while driving on the freeway. Looking back, it might have been the safest but the picture turned out gorg!

Lastly, here's a pic of what I see everyday when I walk out of the front door of my work. Love my city!

And just a final thought-- last night, a situation that has been deeply affecting me for the past year and a half has finally resolved. I feel unfamiliarly carefree and light. I have plans to continue with my karma cleanse and to stop sweating the small stuff. Lesson learned; sometimes the best thing to do is to breathe and let it go.

February 05, 2012

February Photo Challenge

Saw this on a friends facebook and decided to give it a go!

My little baby Beebs sleeping on my tummy begging for a belly rub!

Can you spot some of your favorite wizards on my page?

Double as my NOTD! I dot usually do designs but thought this was fun!

Archie, my nephew, thinks I'm strange. :(

10AM and we're ready for some wine tasting!

So I'm pretty sure I will not be posting daily but I'm pretty sure I'll be posting my challenge pics at least once a week! Happy February!