January 20, 2012

January Birch Box and Sparkle TOMS

Remember how I said I'd cancel my Birch Box after receiving junk for 3 months? Well I never got around to it until after the January box shipped. Now that I've canceled February's subscription, of course, this box was great!

1. A full size Stila waterproof smudge stick
2. Borghese Moisture Intensifier
3. Jouer Body Butter
4. Viva La Juicy sample
5. A mini L'ara bar

All my favorite brands! Of my four boxes, this one definitely had the best goodies! I'm actually going to use these products instead of stashing it away in my samples box. I'm going to keep an eye out for next months and see what people got. Maybe they're stepping up their game since there are so many monthly subscriptions out there now!

The box also came with this little card with "mini detoxes". Cute!

I also wanted to show you guys my new TOMS that I bought! I've wanted to buy a pair for a while now but haven't gotten around to it since I can never make up my mind about the color. When I saw these sparkling black ones, I knew it was time! I bought them in kid's size 4 which is equivalent to my women's size 6/6.5 feet. Haven't worn them out yet but am hoping to do so soon! Maybe once it stops raining so much!

Annnnd I leave you with a picture of my little Bebe. Found her cuddling in my sweater next to my keys. Whenever I leave clothes on the bed she always likes to cuddle in them! My tiny baby makeshift set of keys look huge!

Happy Friday everyone!


CottonCandyINK said...

very cool items! i can't ever get enough of your cute puppy!

Summer-Raye said...

Love the glitter toms!

charlene-ann said...

yay for toms!!! I loveee toms!

LiLy said...

Hi! I like the black shoes ay! Btw, a mate of mine is now in America and she asks me what I want from there... I'll defo go with cosmetics but Any recommendation??? I know mac, bobby brown, REVLON are way way cheaper out there but I am at lost now as there are tons of choices! hahaha

TiffanysMakeupStory said...

Love the glam TOMS :) and your puppy is adorable!

L e n a said...

omg, it is a prettiest toms pair i've ever seen. lol
and i missed Bebe. ;)
have a nice weekend!

t said...

Nice shoes!


Lov3kat said...

i really want to sub to those make-up box!
I would LOVE to receive months make-up for a small price! :D

i like the Stila smudge stick! And quite interested with Jouer Body Butter!! :0!!

Thanks for sharing :P

Ask Erena said...

Those shoes are fab! Your blog is awesome! I would like us to follow each other. Let me know what you think.
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena
P.S. See what is new in my shop today!

jane said...

When people get good things from Birchbox, it makes me want to sign up for it so badly! I'm just scared that one month it'll be "oh hey so great, I like" and another it'll be "oh.....um okay". Lol, but your December box is lovely. And so are the toms. Cute blog!

Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

Your blog is lovely! I really like your pictures!!
Bisous Christina xxx

Giovana said...

The season of SPFW Autumn/Winter has begun here in Brazil, check the complete coverage on http://tomaraquecaiaagora.blogspot.com/ and follow if you like!

mikkimash said...

OH I've heard so much about the Birchbox and it's just so tempting, there is a similar concept in the UK called the Glossybox but it just so seems that the products aren't half as good as the Birchbox :)

Nevertheless do I enjoy to be updated of the goodies you gals get, lovely post, :)

Pauline said...

Ahh love your glitter TOMS! Seriously though, your fur-baby is SO adorable! Reminds me of my little Minnie-Moo, she is also a little black Pom!!

P.s I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I love your blog and hope you post your responses!



PrettyLittleThings said...

I love the glitter toms! xo


Maiken Bruun said...

love your Toms! x