January 04, 2012

Free Zoya Polishes

Morning everyone!

This is going to be a quick post just to let you guys know that Zoya is offering two free polishes, all you have to pay is shipping of course. If you haven't tried Zoya, this is a great time for you to check them out-- their polishes are usually about $8 a pop, I ended up paying less than $7 for two full size Zoya polishes. If you've tried Zoya then you're probably like me, a fan of their no fuss, super long wear formula!

I ended up ordering Kiki and Tiffany-- and I promise I didn't order Tiffany just for the name.. ok maybe just a little. But I clicked on the color before I saw the name! I only had to take one look at Kiki and I knew it had to be mine. Hot pink is always in season for me and some may call it bold but I'm sure I'll have no problem wearing this color around!

Don't wait-- take advantage of this sweet deal! I'm excited for future NOTD with these babies! Let me know what colors you ended up ordering!


CottonCandyINK said...

thanks for sharing, just ordered mine last night 

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Thanks for the heads up!! 
I'm going to check it our right now :D<3, 

tris1978ton said...

Excellent news. Thanks for sharing.


Heidi said...

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

L e n a said...

this is great! i love zoya polishes.
i wish they brought out "Lena" polish alreay!! lol 
i am looking forward their sping collection. i've seen some preview and they are gorgeous.

xphoebelinax said...

I've yet to try Zoya polishes but thanks for letting us know about the deal :)

Harija said...

Happy New Year 2012!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Yureee12dance said...

WOW! Super cute pink!!!! x)

AB FAB Team said...

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yiqin; said...

he colors are pretty!

sarah saad said...

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