January 10, 2012

Drink Up

I got an anonymous email yesterday from a "concerned mother" who stumbled on my page because she saw her 16 year old daughter checking out my blog. She's concerned because she said the content of my blog is all about drinking and "promiscuous clothing". Apparently I'm not living a good Christian lifestyle and should be ashamed. Really? So here's the thing, I've received some mean emails before-- the occasional "ur ugly" or "ur blog sux" (serious too!!) but this one really bothered my because she's putting a judgement on my lifestyle. I'm not sure why I should be ashamed? Sure, my top post is about my outfit to a rave but what about everything else in between-- I blog mainly about eating, buying pretty things and just random things I do.

So what am I going to do in response to this shameful email confrontation? I'm going to post a blog about a night out drinking of course! I'm sorry but this is my blog. I'm not even sure why she needs to be concerned for me. I'm a grown woman (25 young) working hard and enjoying life. If she doesn't want her daughter reading my blog then be a parent and set some parental controls. Duh!

Anyways, moving on. Went out the other night with friends to a new soju bar in town. For those unfamiliar with soju-- it's basically Korean vodka and they usually mix it with yummy fruit juice/slush. This soju bar served their alcohol in little teapots and the watermelon is served in a fresh watermelon. Pretty cool huh?

Tonight Soju Bar, San Francisco

The food there was not bad. We tried the calbi fries, cheese and garlic fries and kimchi fried rice. The fries were sooo good, especially the garlic cheese fries but the fried rice was just mediocre.

...and that's how you do a soju bomb. Bomb bomb bomb! Drink up and happy Tuesday!


Lisa said...

Shouldn't she be concerned about what her daughter is looking at on the internet rather thank what you're up to haha xx

CottonCandyINK said...


Ally @ Love Parish said...

Honestly your blog is pretty shameless compared to some blogs I've seen. I think the mom should be able to teach her opinion of wrong or right so that she wouldn't have to be concerned about what her daughter sees on the internet. By the way that looks so yummy and the place itself seems to have a wonderful atmosphere!

L e n a said...

lol this is the most insteresting blog read in weeks, Tiffany!
seriously, it is always easier to blame others, right? ;p

i love your blog and i think your blog is very well balanced with beauty, fashion and awesome life style that has loving family & friends!

btw, the strawberry soju looks so delicious!!

Miss Delirium said...

ha ha, thats hilarious! ;) she actually took the time to write and send you an email to tell you about how she feels about your "shameful" lifestyle..aaaah i love humans...hohoho:)

Anyway, eeeeeeehhhhh WHY doesnt i have a soju bar nearby??? That sounds DELICIOUS!

When im going to SF (hopefully in the near future), I know who to contact as my local guide, be prepared hehe ;)

B said...

Tiff - As a fellow twenty something working adult, I LOVE your drinking posts and "scandalous" outfit posts!! I love your attitude about the whole thing :) I get so many good-eats ideas from your blog. Keep it up girl!

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