January 30, 2012

Keeping Up

Helllloooo! It's been a while... a week or so? I decided to finally update since a dear friend of mine asked me if I'm still alive since I haven't updated my blog. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, just been busy. Feels like lately I'm either working, running, yoga, sleeping or reading my Harry Potters. I'm such a geek!

First thing I wanted to share with you guys-- I'm training to run a half marathon this April! Eeek! By training, I really mean I started this week but so far it's going well. I've always hated running but now that I have an actual goal that I wish to achieve or better, my competitive mind can finally find an interest in running. Hopefully this will bring me one step closer to my summer body!

To celebrate my new half marathon running status, I want to show you my new Lululemon hoodies! I used my newfound yogi status as a big excuse to buy two expensive hoodies that I will never wear to run or to yoga... but they're cute! First up is their staple Scuba Hoodie. I decided to go for the black so that I can wear it all the time!

Look it has a thumb hole and everything!

I loved the Scuba so much that within the next week I went back for yet another one! I knew I wanted a hot pink one and luckily I was able to pick up this Cuddle Up hoodie in sparkly pink on sale!

For sure I wear my Scuba more often because it's black and it's waaaay warmer. The Cuddle Up is nice but on a chilly day, it's just not enough!

Remember that Zoya deal that I posted a few weeks ago? Well I finally got them in the mail. The pink is Kiki and bronze is Tiffany. Let me just say, if I had a signature color, Kiki would be it! It's hot pink with a light shimmer. I couldn't wait to use it so I passed up on my bi-weekly manicure and actually did my nails myself!

Here's a little peek into what's been keeping me so busy this past week!

Here's my OOTD for Mr. Dub's golden birthday! (25 and the 25th) the color red is not in my typical color palette but I really liked this sweater when I tried it on.

Alright, I think that's a plenty of catching up! I'm moving this week so I'm pretty sure I'll be just as busy between moving and training but I shall try to sneak in a post here and there! Happy Monday everyone!!

January 20, 2012

January Birch Box and Sparkle TOMS

Remember how I said I'd cancel my Birch Box after receiving junk for 3 months? Well I never got around to it until after the January box shipped. Now that I've canceled February's subscription, of course, this box was great!

1. A full size Stila waterproof smudge stick
2. Borghese Moisture Intensifier
3. Jouer Body Butter
4. Viva La Juicy sample
5. A mini L'ara bar

All my favorite brands! Of my four boxes, this one definitely had the best goodies! I'm actually going to use these products instead of stashing it away in my samples box. I'm going to keep an eye out for next months and see what people got. Maybe they're stepping up their game since there are so many monthly subscriptions out there now!

The box also came with this little card with "mini detoxes". Cute!

I also wanted to show you guys my new TOMS that I bought! I've wanted to buy a pair for a while now but haven't gotten around to it since I can never make up my mind about the color. When I saw these sparkling black ones, I knew it was time! I bought them in kid's size 4 which is equivalent to my women's size 6/6.5 feet. Haven't worn them out yet but am hoping to do so soon! Maybe once it stops raining so much!

Annnnd I leave you with a picture of my little Bebe. Found her cuddling in my sweater next to my keys. Whenever I leave clothes on the bed she always likes to cuddle in them! My tiny baby makeshift set of keys look huge!

Happy Friday everyone!

January 18, 2012

Tribute to MJ

You know how there are certain moments in your life where you can recall exactly what you were doing like it was yesterday? Well, for me, the day Michael Jackson died was one of them. I remember clearly that I had just gotten up from a nap in my room in Irvine when I learned from all the Facebook feeds. (Facebook is the best news source!) I was so devastated and spent the entire day and next learning all the dance moves to MJ's videos. There's something about Billie Jean that makes me want to get up and dance and pretend to moonwalk like I'm Michael Jackson. Fast forward time to last January when I learned that there would be a Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil. I spent the entire 2011 asking Mr. Dubs if we could go. Of course, when the time came though, the ticket prices were high and seats were mediocre to crappy, we decided to pass on it. Or so I thought! One night, the ever so sweet Mr. W. surprised me with this text.

He bought me tickets to great seats! I was so excited I couldn't sleep that night!!!! I planned for the next two weeks what to wear and originally I wanted to take on the thriller look with a red leather jacket but decided to do my own MJ with a twist-- a pink blazer instead. A white shirt probably would've worked better for that MJ effect but it's fine. I felt like I was festive enough and my cousin was about to spot me all the way from across the arena! I also took this chance to try out my new hot pink lippy. In case you're wondering, the pink blazer is from H&M (I have two pink blazers now!) and the lippy is MAC's Girl About Town amplified lipstick with Full Speed Ahead prolong wear lipglass.

Here's the set for the MJ Cirque. I wish I could've taken more pictures to show you guys but I didn't want to risk getting kicked out! The arena was pretty full, despite what my pic shows. Those seats back there are actually pretty far back from the stage and directly on the side. People would crazy for paying at least $125 for those seats! Mr. Dubs and I had really good seats and got to see everything down to the very last detail. The show was amazing. Sure, there were some cheese factor to it but Michael Jackson wasn't just this crazy dancing/King of Pop/artist, he was also a huge humanitarian. Is this your typical Cirque du Soleil show? Definitely not. If you're looking for Cirque's famous acrobatics then this really isn't a show for you. I felt like this is more of a tribute show, showcasing a lot of dance and using the soundtrack as the center focus of the show. As a diehard fan of MJ, I was blown away by the theatrics Cirque used to juxtapose the music. My favorite acts of the night were "Billie Jean" since it's my favorite song and they had light up track suits and "Dangerous", another of my favorites and they had a girl do all sorts of crazy on a pole! Watching Immortal made me miss MJ a lot and I can only imagine what watching him in concert would be like. It's a shame the world will never see a MJ come back and although the Cirque du Soleil filled a MJ void for me, I'm sure it doesn't come close to seeing him live.

How can you go to anything MJ related and not wear a glove! I couldn't find my white ones in time but this silver one worked for the night. Thank you Mr. Dubs for an amazing MJ filled night! Thank you MJ for being such an amazing entertaining and such an inspiration to me as a dancer. All hail to the gloved one!

January 11, 2012

Final Exchange

Last night I exchanged Christmas presents with my final group of girlfriends! It's extremely late but well worth the wait-- it was nice to finally be able to get together! I love love loved all the gifts that I got. Seriously checked off everything in my wishlist! Amazing!

As you can tell, they fully support my pink lifestyle. I love everything I received and can't wait to use them all! It's good to have girlfriends with taste!

This holiday season was one of the best, not just because all my friends, family and Mr. Dubs cleared off my entire wishlist, but I felt like I had rekindled with a lot of old friends, found support in a few new ones and learned to appreciate the people who's always been there.

And ladies (and gents) that is a wrap to my 2011 holiday season posts!

January 10, 2012

Drink Up

I got an anonymous email yesterday from a "concerned mother" who stumbled on my page because she saw her 16 year old daughter checking out my blog. She's concerned because she said the content of my blog is all about drinking and "promiscuous clothing". Apparently I'm not living a good Christian lifestyle and should be ashamed. Really? So here's the thing, I've received some mean emails before-- the occasional "ur ugly" or "ur blog sux" (serious too!!) but this one really bothered my because she's putting a judgement on my lifestyle. I'm not sure why I should be ashamed? Sure, my top post is about my outfit to a rave but what about everything else in between-- I blog mainly about eating, buying pretty things and just random things I do.

So what am I going to do in response to this shameful email confrontation? I'm going to post a blog about a night out drinking of course! I'm sorry but this is my blog. I'm not even sure why she needs to be concerned for me. I'm a grown woman (25 young) working hard and enjoying life. If she doesn't want her daughter reading my blog then be a parent and set some parental controls. Duh!

Anyways, moving on. Went out the other night with friends to a new soju bar in town. For those unfamiliar with soju-- it's basically Korean vodka and they usually mix it with yummy fruit juice/slush. This soju bar served their alcohol in little teapots and the watermelon is served in a fresh watermelon. Pretty cool huh?

Tonight Soju Bar, San Francisco

The food there was not bad. We tried the calbi fries, cheese and garlic fries and kimchi fried rice. The fries were sooo good, especially the garlic cheese fries but the fried rice was just mediocre.

...and that's how you do a soju bomb. Bomb bomb bomb! Drink up and happy Tuesday!

January 09, 2012

Global Winter Wonderland

A few weeks back, Kris, Aimee, Mr. Dubs and I went to this theme park of light installations. The theme was Glabal Winter Wonderland. It was small and took up only a fraction of a parking lot of a theme park that operates in the summer but nonetheless, I had a fabulous time camera whoring it up! The was really tough taking good photos in my point and shoot Canon in the dark against the bright back drop but we did all we can to get some quality pictures!

This Eiffel Tower structure was my favorite by far! Mr. Dubs and I kept trying to take the perfect kissy picture but kept failing since it's so dark!