December 23, 2011

Two Days Till Christmas

TGIF! It's 2 days till Christmas and all my Christmas festivities are finally coming into play. I'm having Christmas dinners, exchanging presents and most of all seeing all the people I love. Last night, I went over to my cousin Tab and her boyfriend's place to have a casual little get together. Her boyfriend made home made honey baked ham and garlic rice and she made some delicious mac&cheese and scalloped potatoes! Yum yum!

The food.

Of course it wouldn't be a Christmas celebration without gift exchanging! Check out their cute little Christmas tree!

Tab asked me to guess which gift is mine, of course, the biggest and prettiest one is for me! I am so spoiled! Can you guess what was in my box?

A Lululemon track jacket! Craziest thing-- I had put "Lululemon Jacket/Hoodie" on my wish list and I didn't specify which one and I didn't even give her the list but she got the exact one I was looking at! That's how well she knows me and how much alike we are!

Next thing I want to show everyone is my new purse. I went to my local (and favorite) mall to do some last minute shopping and couldn't help it but wsnt through the purse section at Nordstrom. They usually don't have much sales since they just go to Nordie's Rack but I spotted this metallic Marc by Marc Jacobs sitting pretty on the sale table! I've wanted this shape for quite some time now but didn't want to get the black one. Love love love this color. I guess some would say its a tad bold but bronze to me is pretty neutral! :) Even matches my outfit perfectly! Can't beat sale prices, so I went for it!

Lastly, I wanted to leave you guys with a camwhore photo of me. My hair was at its biggest yesterday and I was asked by multiple people at work how I got that big hurr.

Hope everyone is done with their shopping and ready to enjoy these last few days before its all over!



CottonCandyINK said...

yum yum yum.... love this bag

L e n a said...

your presents look awesome! :)
happy Christmas, Tiffany!

Huda said...

Oh, that's awesome that she ended up getting you exactly what you wanted! Aww, how adorable. The Christmas tree is so freakin' cute, as well.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oh the food looks yummy ;D

& nice bag.
I absolutely love it when I find things on sale. All the guilt I experience from spending money kinda just goes out the window when things are on sale. lol


Girlie Blogger said...

What a nice post. It's so lovely seeing everyone's family and friends posts on blog-o-sphere.

Lululemon - awesome!

TiffanysMakeupStory said...

This post just sparked hunger at 10:30 at night..not good haha but lovely get-together you had!
Happy Holidays!

alicia said...

have an amazing christmas pretty girl!

LiLy said...

WOW! That food is huge and seems like a soccer ball! hahaha I love pinapple :p
And.. a lot of preseeeents! You such a lucky girl! ;) HOpe you had a blast hun! xoxo

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