December 05, 2011

Third Day...

...was quite a productive one! Started the day off with some Bikram yoga. If you guys have been reading my blog, you know that I've been quite the yogi the past 9 months. I've been wanting to share my yoga adventures with you guys for some time now, so I'm going to take advantage of this time and just tell you a bit about Bikram yoga.

Bikram yoga is not for the weak mind. While the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises are not too challenging, the intensity of the practice comes with the 105°F (sometimes up to 110°F) room. Sitting in a room that hot for 90 minutes is already killer enough, imagine practicing yoga! I want to share my experience with Bikram yoga with you because I started practicing just for the physical benefits. I wanted to shed the weight but really didn't buy into the spiritual and mental bull-crap that the instructors try to push. Well well, 9 months later, I've come to see yoga as a stress reliever and a lifestyle. There is never a time I don't dread going in to class-- the heat, the pain and how it makes my heart race so fast I feel like I'm about to pass out/throw up/die-- but every single time, I walk out thankful that I pushed myself. The biggest challenge is not mastering the poses but simply staying in the scorching room for 90 minutes. I'm not going to lie, it really doesn't get much easier but the strength that you build physically and mentally is worth the pain.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Bikram that I've heard in the dialogue:

"It’s never too late, it’s never too bad, you’re never too old, you're never too sick to start from scratch once again, to be born once again."

Here is my favorite posture of the practice. This posture requires balance, body strength, focus and an enormous amount of will power. No, that is obviously not me in the picture but I assure you that I am always working on perfecting my postures!

Other stuff I managed to do on the 3rd day of Christmas...

Head start in wrapping my presents!!!

I've never really been a lagger when it comes to Christmas shopping but I outdid myself this year by completing my Christmas shopping before December. I didn't finish all the wrapping yet, but getting there! Christmas shopping is so much fun.. my favorite types of gifts to give are always ones of things that I personally love and think my friends would love it too. It's always so rewarding to share great finds!

I also went to the theater to watch Happy Feet 2. Not as good as the first one but still enjoyable. While at the theater, Aimee and I decided to pose with the chipmunks. I'm not really a big fan and can't tell you which chipmunk is which but did it purely to photowhore.

Happy Monday everyone!
I should be posting again later today but don't hold me to it!


Girlie Blogger said...

OK. I need to try Bingham Yoga. Looks effective.

Gabriele said...

I love doing yoga, I haven't done it for a while! Need to start! :)

CottonCandyINK said...

lol, you look so cute next to the chipmunks

L e n a said...

hey! i am a bikram yogini, too! i've been practicing for about 3 years now. it is the best, isn't it?
my favorite bikram quote is "you can mess with irs, you can mess with God, but you cannot mess with your knees" lol

Michelle said...

Wow, sounds pretty intense. There's a bigram yoga right up the road from my house and i always pass by it. Maybe one of these days i'll push myself to sign up for the classes. I actually started doing basic starters yoga last week and I love it. I'm also looking to shed some "baby" fat and heard that this was a good solution. It definitely looks a lot easier than how it really is. I'm glad you push yourself and able to endure that hot room..... You'll be seeing results in no time!

Rubiiee said...

Exercise is a great stress reliever, totally agree! I started Kickboxing and love it! :D

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