December 07, 2011


Hola blogger world, it's me Bebe! Remember me?

Well, my mommy is feeling a bit under the weather and since she got me a new sweater, I figure I'd guest blog for her! Shout out to my Daddy Dubs! <3 He haven't been feeling the love from me lately since I had a little accident on his bed. :(

On the sixth day of Christmas, my mommy bought me this fabulous snuggly pink sweater!

Oh yea, she also picked up a new pair of sunglasses by the House of Harlow. Why she needs a new pair of sunglasses in the middle of winter is beyond me, but sometimes she just does these craaazy things that don't make sense! Apparently she found it for under $100 at TJ Max! ($69.99 to be exact)

Ok so the last picture she just wanted me to add it in because she likes to camwhore and really loves her yellow infinity scarf!

Alright, I'm feeling a little tired from all this typing. Time to knock out!

Till next time! Ciao!


CottonCandyINK said...

your pupp is way too cute

Rubiiee said...

Thanks for the post Bebe, I hope your mommy feels better! ;]

L e n a said...

lol best advent post, yet!
so many lovely things here i don't know where to start. ;p
love your dog, your new sunglasses, the pretty yellow scarf and your smile!
hope you feel better soon. ;)

Sandra said...

Haha, so cute!

Gabriele said...

awww this post was too cute and funny :)


habbott2 said...

OMG your dog is way too adorable! Also love the sunglasses!

Shutterbug said...

your puppy is so cute, especially in that sweater!