December 12, 2011

My Fitness Pal

I heard on the radio one day that many women seriously considered giving up 10 years of their life span for their dream body. Heck, I seriously had to think about that one myself! (though 10 years is a long time!) The idea of having rock hard abs, flat tummy and thighs that won't jiggle is so appealing but let's face it, it's close to impossible. 

Long gone are the high school days of flat tummies just by skipping a meal. I seriously spent my entire March-July working out like a maniac only to achieve minor steps to my desired body. To be fair though, last year is definitely the closest I've ever been to achieving my dream body, so hard work does pay off! Every New Year's I make the same effing diet/work out resolution and my biggest problem is staying focused past my birthday in November. It's almost like come the holidays, I loose all self control. This year, I'm determined to keep going and continue till 2012. I need to get my ideal body now-- before I start having kids!How am I going to achieve a banging body? Of course with an app on my beloved iPhone! I discovered My Fitness Pal last summer at the height of my workout life style. It makes working out, eating healthy and being conscious of all these things so much more attainable. Here is what it's icon looks like on my home screen and some snap shots of what you can do with the app. 

In the app, you are able to create a profile with a target weight goal and a calorie plan. 

Basically the idea is to notate everything you eat, drink and all the exercises you do in your diary. 

I really love how this app actually has a wide variety of food saved on it. Check this out, all I had to do is scan my Trader Joe's brand yogurt and all nutrition facts automatically populated. 

Neat huh? The best part is that this app is all free. If you're anything like me and make that same unattainable resolution each year, check this app out. It'll definitely help with organizing and keeping you motivated towards that dream body!
Happy Monday!


CottonCandyINK said...

sounds cool, i have a couple of these apps

Girlie Blogger said...

That's a lot of years for a dream body. Wow.

habbott2 said...

I'll have to check that out! I've tried a few that weren't that good, so maybe this will help!

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Elle Sees said...

oooh i gotta check it out!
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Sandra said...

I really need to try this one! I hope you cen get it on android market since I don't have an iPhone.