December 21, 2011

Hump Day Madness

Happy hump day! Four days till Christmas and I can finally say that all Christmas shopping is now donezo! I thought I was finished a while ago but of course there are those last minute creepers.

First thing I wanna show you guys today is my newly acquired iPhone bow. I was initially skeptical of the bow but after I saw it live and in action on my cousin's phone, I knew I needed one!

Very cute right? :)

I also received my December Birch Box in the mail last night. I was unimpressed with the October and November boxes but wanted to stick around for December's to see what the holiday would bring and I can honestly say that today I will be canceling my January and all future boxes.

So here's the thing... I love the sparkly tissue and how everything is so presented so prettily. However, I feel like these are simply things I don't need and most likely will never use. I'm currently still working my part time holiday gig at Sephora and I get plenty a deluxe samples, I really don't need to pay $10 for a box of them. The only thing that I felt semi-connected to were the press-on nail stickers thingies. I've tried the Sally Hansen version and loved but I'm not too sure about zebra nails for work.

Alas, I leave you with some food porn. Last night I went on a dinner date with my dear KarTom and tried the best Korean place I've been to in a while. The soup, the banchan and the chicken wings were so good!

Manna, SF
845 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122

Happy hump day everyone!


Cinderella Alert said...

Wow, that bow is soo cute :)
and the food looks delicious!

iamEmmaWilde said...

I love the bow! might have to get myself one of those :D

Emma xo

CottonCandyINK said...

cute phone case, and yummy looking food

Dana Yoshimizu said...

So are you thinking about canceling your subscription to Birchbox?

& I'll have to try Manna! Sounds and looks pretty good :)


L e n a said...

oh the bow is so cute! i just got a new phone so i am shopping for new accessories. there are so many items for iphone compared to other phones, though. ;p

Eugenia said...

do those bows work on evos?! so cute!! I got the same birchbox you did.. I LOVED the nail appliques!!

Patt♥ said...

The little bow on your iphone is so adorable. I've also cancelled my Birchbox in November, they just didn't impress me at all. I felt each month it became worst and worst. ;/

Jen★彡 said...

The bow is so cute!! I want! :)

And this post has made me hungry now.. *tummy growls*

BEBE said...

awww..that's so cute! I wish I had an iphone too.. T______T I wonder why my parents dont get me one :-/

anyway, lovely package!!! :D
Merry Christmas! :D

Cinderella Alert said...

Thanks for your help! : )

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