December 27, 2011

Final Day of Christmasing

Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and got everything your little heart desired! I always get really sad on the 27th of December because I feel like it really marks the end of the holiday season! I know New Years is coming up next week but it never feels like much for me-- just another day and another excuse to go get my drink on until me liver hates me.

This year I had a fantastic turn out as far as Christmas gifts and I still haven't met with everyone yet! Just thought I'd show you guys my Christmas presents part 1!

Miss Karleen got me a curling iron, 2 free curling lessons and some pink sparklers for my hair. Again, curling iron was in my wish list and she did not get a copy of my wish list! My friends just know me so well!

Aimee got me a Hello Kitty-Ed out stocking with a variety of goodies inside!

Mr. Dubs got my the Nook Touch that I've been eying for a long time! I was so excited that I read a book within a day! In case you're interested it's called The Island of the Lost Girls. Not my favorite book but interesting enough that I got through it quickly!

And lastly for now, Mr. Emster got me some accessories for my new Nook! Yay!

Happy 1 year and 6 months (plus a day) to me and Mr. Dubs!

And Bebe too, that attention whore!


L e n a said...

nice presents! :)
i feel the same way about "after christmas before the new year"
i had to work all day today and it is really windy and raining hard..

hope you are having a cozy everning.

(ah your bebe is such a treat to me. lolz)

LiLy said...

marvelous! ;)and the cute dogggg!!