December 13, 2011

Feast Your Eyes: Sushirrito

I haven't done a FYE in quite some time now and like I always say, it's definitely not because I haven't been eating. It's just that sometimes I get too into the moment to snap snap snap away. 

More than a month ago, I visited this cute concept to go restaurant, just thought I'd share as I believe it may be unique to us San Franciscans!
59 New Montgomery
San Francisco, CA

The idea of making a sushi roll as big as a burrito. Sound yummy right?

The place is super teeny and to go only. When you order, your sushirrito is made in an assembly line-- very Chipotle ish actually. The sushirrito itself looks really small but surprisingly filling. I guess it's all the rice in it!

Was it super yums? Meh, it was alright. The concept is better than the taste. I was glad to finally have tried it though!Also I was very happy to see this. (below) Maybe it's a minor number to other big time bloggers but it makes me happy to know that people actually care and read my blog! Ahh, the simple things in life.

Tomorrow is hump day already-- we're inching closer and closer to the weekend!