November 28, 2011

Recap of Birthday Month

November has always been my favorite month-- besides my birthday you've got Thanksgiving, beginning of the holiday season and usually the start of rainy season as well! Before I bid adieu, I'd like to share with all my readers and fellow bloggers some goodies I've received this month!

First up, a pretty pink box of goodies all the way from Singapore from my dear friend Debbie. The sparkly pink box already had me at first sight but the rest is just as amazing!


I absolutely love this top from Top Shop! I have the perfect skirt that I am dying to pair it with but I definitely need to go pay the gym a few more visits before I dare step out in this top! It's so funny how it's so much harder to stick to working out during the winter. I guess I can always hide my body with thick layers during the winter but the pressure is on during summer due to skimpy clothes!

Thanks Debbie for my fab gifts! I'll be sending one out to you verrry soon!

Onto other goodies I've received! Moonlighting at Sephora during the holiday season defiitely has it's benefits--discounts, gratis and more discounts! :) For my secret santa exchange, I received this little mug and hot chocolate. The mug is so cute! My coworker said it looks like it has a little Tiff on it! hehe. I'm using it as a brush holder on my make up table right now! I'm also super stoked to try out all the gratis I received in my Sephora holiday goodie bag. Just looking at the picture makes me want to squeal because of all the free goodies!! (I know.. I'm super Asian when it comes to freebies!)

Now... drum roll for one of the most perfectly "me" gifts I've ever received....

The Jill Stuart Fairy Garden Collection! My cousin bought it for my all the way from Hong Kong to China to Hong Kong and then finally made it to San Francisco!!

Go after the jump to look at pictures of the uber cute collection in action!!

This says "Christmas fairies invite you to happy moments". So sweet. I'm sure I'll have plenty of moments with this gorgeous collection! :)


Everything in the packaging is perfect. The eyeshadow quads are not as pigmented as I would like but super sparkly-- perfect for all the holiday parties! I've been using these shadows everyday and someone always compliments me on it! Holllerr. Thank you Tab for hooking me up with this gorgeous kit! It sits so pretty on my make up table!

You're the best! :)

Hope everyone had a great November as well... holiday season-- bring it on!


ღ jenwoonani said...

Awww, very wonderful presents! <3 Happy birthday, Tiffany!

CottonCandyINK said...

what great gifts you got ;-)

L e n a said...

they look all amazing!
i love the top. i can totally see how hot it would look on you.
Jill Stuart cosmetics are so pretty, too. can i look forward some FOTDs with them? :)

Confessions of a Beautyholic said...

Happy birthday! And love the gifts! I've been dying to get some more NARS products!

Maya said...

Happy birthday! LOVE the Nars products :D:D

Katja said...

Cool makeup products & happy birthday! :)

alicia said...

beautiful presents and things! :)

yiqin; said...

nice bralet!

Miss Delirium said...

Awwe, thanks hun! I appreciate it so much:):)

Can't wait to go through your blog, you always have such cute posts^^

Oooh, nice top=)


Summer-Raye said...

Check out my MAC GIVEAWAY!

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

looks like you got some great presents! :) xx

LiLy said...

Whoa! Damn jealous at yaaa! x)♪

Rubiiee said...

Woah, beautiful presents! Happy Birthday =]