November 01, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone!! Halloween always marks the start of the holiday season for me. It all starts with Halloween followed by my birthday in Vegas in two weeks then Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Mr. W. and Eva's birthday to wrap it all up! Such a busy few months ahead and I can't wait to start it all off!

I just wanted to check in and post a few Halloween pictures up! We ended up going to a club event and had fun dressing up and dancing the night away-- mostly dressing up tho.

I just wanted to start with a few FOTNs before I reveal my costume...

Go after the jump to see what I dressed up as after the jump!!

Poison Ivy! 
Funny story... so I thought I was so original with my Halloween costume this year and minutes before I left for my Halloween event, I saw on Facebook that Kim Kardashian was dressed up as Poison Ivy as well! There goes my originality.

Here I am with Kung Fu master Sean.

Group shot! Jon as Mario, little Native American Ellen, Luigi Eva, Madonna Denise, Poison Ivy me and Penguin Mr. Dubs.

Robin Joe, Batman Tab, Poison Ivy me and Penguin Matt.

Super hero vs. Super villain!

After all those pictures of me with my creepy make up, I'm going to leave you with a very vain and cuter picture of myself and Karleen!

Btw congrats to Miss Rubie for getting my Halloween costume right!! I'm going to be emailing you shortly to get your address info!


Kayleigh said...

Amazing make up,looks like you had a fabulous time x

LoveFayexoxo said...

The Poison Ivy costume is amazzzing, especially the wig!!! Love this!
OMG have fun in Vegas! Get Crazy!

LoveFaye xoxo

CottonCandyINK said...

looks soooo good! cute outfit and wig ;-)

ღ jenwoonani said...

You looked beautiful!!! I've always wanted to be Poison Ivy.. You pulled off that look quite fabulously!<3

αвву M. said...

nicely done :D and looks like u had a great halloween!

L e n a said...

you look great in poison ivy outfit and makeup!
such a nice and colorful halloween gang, you guys are. :)

Vale ♥ said...

Looking cute :) xoxox

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Rubiiee said...

You look great, I love the outfit!!

Better than mine, a Zombie Newscaster. Hahaha.

Summer-Raye said...

Hey girl I hope you had fun!


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